It can be described as an extremely versatile dog. This is the Weimaraner, which is ideal pointing dog for hunting and adventure in nature. 


Weimaraner breed originated in the 19th century. The intention was to create an ideal hunting dog to hunt animals of different sizes.

The whole project was led by Wymer’s house, which is why this dog was at first known as Wymer pointer. As for the ancestors, were mentioned some pointers.

Weimaraner - history

The German club for these dogs, controlled the development of the breed, but the owners could become only those who were members of the club. But membership is very difficult to acquire. Only when an American has become a member, has received permission to transfer the dogs in America. This happened in 1929.

The American Kennel Club registered breed Weimaraner for the first time in 1943 year.



Weimaraner has a lot of strong body. Aristocratic posture and elegance in appearance. The layout is unique to pointers, but it is bigger than the other breeds. It has a harmonious and proportional body. It differs haired and long-haired Weimaraner. It is very tough with prominent muscles.

Males reach a height of 24 to 27 inches, while women can grow to a height of 22 to 24 inches.

As regards the weight, the males have a weight in the range of 55 to 70 lb.

Females have a weight in the range of 50 to 63 lb.

HEAD: in proportion to the body, wider at males, expressed cheekbone.

NOSE: nose large, above the jaw, muzzle long, nasal bridge straight.

LIPS: medium overlapping, flesh-colored.

TEETH: proper, strong, scissor bite.

EYES: from dark to light, intelligent, round, placed obliquely goods.

EARS: wide, long, high and narrow set, pointed tips rounded.

NECK: carried noble, muscular, round, not too short.

BECK: strong and muscular.

TAIL: root below the topline, strong and well coated.

FRONT LEGS: tall, sinewy, straight and parallel.

FEET: strong, closed, standing straight, curved fingers.

SKIN: strong but not too tight.

COAT: soft, long or short, straight or slightly wavy, short on the head.

COLOR: blue, rust, murine gray, head and ears brighter, white markings permitted.

Weimaraner - appearance


Weimaraner is a dog with a great desire to hunt. It has a strong and distinct passion for the systematic tracing of animals. It is very sharp on prey and people, but not aggressive. Is reliable in marking and also in the water. Excellent reacts after a shot from a rifle.

Weimaraner - character 1

His character can not be fully in control on the ground. On the other hand at home is a serene, exemplary dog, excellent in playing with children. Because of its energy needs to be monitored. Because it can knock them down and hurt unwanted.

However, if you apply timely and adequate training, it can be controlled.

Weimaraner is fearless and obedient dog. But unlike to other pointers, can serve as a home dog.

Learns quickly and has a great desire to pamper its owner.

Weimaraner - character


Weimaraner is a dog that feels great in the house. Can be adapted to home conditions, but he needs space to run. However, we should know that this is primarily a hunting dog, and then a house dog.

Relatively easy to get used to other pets. Do not get in fights with other dogs, but can react vigorously to the barking of other dogs.

During the walk must be on a leash, because he can run to other animals. The owner must be an active person, which will provide daily dog training. It is not enough just walking, but large meadows or forests where it can exert its trailer skills.

Due to the lack of these conditions, it can act destructively, to destroy things around the house, bark or even try to escape.

They can live in a temperate climate, while during the cold nights should enter the house.

                          WEIMARANER SEEN BY CHILDREN

Weimaraner - adaptation


Weimaraner is a dog prone to injuries because it is active and moves fast enough. These injuries can occur at higher scratches, open wounds, resulting in contact with wild animals. Everything can be kept under control if the dog provide timely and adequate assistance in injury.

The hair care is minimal. It takes only occasional brushing to remove dead hair.

Weimaraner - health (puppies)

Of the common health problems, there is hip dysplasia and gastric torsion. Of the rarer it should be noted: entropy, hemophilia A, hypertrophic dystrophy, coronary artery disease etc.

It is recommended periodic inspection of the hips, eyes and blood.

The lifespan of the breed Weimaraner is 10 to 13 years.

Weimaraner - health

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