Utonagan is a dog that is much more similar to the classic wolf. Very strong, at first glance cast fear into the bones. But appearances can be deceiving.


Utonagan originated in eighties, mixing the Alaskan Malamute, German Shepherd and Siberian Husky. The name was derived from the Native American stories, meaning “spirit of the wolf.” This merger of different breeds, was later named Northern Inuit Dog, around 1998.The breed is fairly recent and still under development. For the first time they appeared in the UK.

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2006 was founded “The Utonagan Dog Club” by a breeders and dog lovers. It was Nadia Carlyle. However, 2007 was established “Utonagan Association”, an organization that took care of any possible genetic improvement of the breed.

All of these organizations and lovers of the breed, have tried to create a modern dog that is most similar to a wild wolf.



Utonagan is a large and powerful dog. It is an excellent combination of strength, speed and agility. In appearance it is very similar to the wolf. Athletic ability are totally adequate in relation to the layout.

The height of the male is in the range from 23 to 32 inches, while the height of the female is in the range of 23 to 28 inches.

The weight of males is in the range of 79 lb to 110 lb, and the weight of females is in the range of 55 lbs to 84 lbs

HEAD: proportional to the body, not too tight.

MUZZLE: a little longer than the skull.

NOSE: mostly black.

EYES: almond in shape, brown.

EARS: smaller size, triangular in form, rounded at the ends.

MOUTH: well-developed jaws, black, tight, scissor bite.

NECK: long, strong and muscular.

FRONT LEGS: long, flat, good bones in relation to the body, closely spaced, parallel.

REAR LEGS: well spaced, parallel, muscular.

FEET: front paws large, oval, in the normal position. Rear smaller, in the normal position.

TAIL: evenly covered with fur, hanging on to hock, carried high and right during the running.

FUR: thick, double coat, straight, smooth hair.

COLOR: combination of grizzled and gray, tan and buff, black, white, or color of apricots.



Utonagan is a very intelligent dog with sociable nature. Regardless of the fearless and dangerous look, it is very pleasant for the company, fits into any situation and loves people. Calm and flexible for families with children.

Is described as a highly intelligent dog easily to trained. Therefore, it could be a great choice for first pet. Temperament is well balanced, so during the game can not happen unpleasant situation.


At some point, will need to dominate because they are a breed that lives mainly in the pack. However, even in these situations do not expect aggressive appearance. It’s the nature of this breed.

What can be considered gripe is the love of people or any society. This dog does not like to be alone, because it can then exert its negative nature towards the environment.



Utonagan can be an excellent choice for a pet. It can be adapted to home conditions of life but loves to play outside. It would therefore be desirable to have a large yard where the dog can run and consume energy.

During the games can be noisy but it will not hurt anyone. They are very active and love walks in the nature.

Get along with other pets and people. There will always announce the arrival of unknown persons but without aggressiveness. As the guardian will prove great, because only the visual impression is enough to keep you at a distance.

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Utonagan is generally healthy breed. What may appear as a health problem is hip dysplasia and eye problems. However, these problems occur rarely. Although it has a thick fur maintenance is not a problem. Just brushing once a week and hair will shine and have the necessary qualities.


During the spring and late summer can be increased hair loss. It is recommended to periodically reviewing ears and cleaning. The lifespan of the breed Utonagan is from 9 to 13 years.


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