Learn all about the breed Toy Poodle if you are planning to get a pet for your home. Perhaps this small, funny dog, is your best choice.


Toy Poodle, as well as other types of Poodle primarily intended as hunting dogs. Dogs whose job is to extract hunted animals from the water. The first form of this breed appeared in the late 19th century. Toy Poodle was first recognized as a breed in 1990.

Toy Poodle - history

Historical evidence suggests that it derives from Germany, France and Russia. Distant cousins include the Spanish, Portuguese and Irish water dogs and the Hungarian Puli.

Close relatives are Bichon Frise and the Bolognese.

Currently, this dog is among the most popular dogs in the world. Enough is prized breed among circus performances and works of art.


TOY POODLE: Appearance and Anatomy

Toy Poodle is a well-built dog with correct proportions. It is elegant in its posture.

It is very harmonious dog, which gives the impression of intelligence.

Has playing, smooth motion. Length must be greater than height.

Maximum height of an adult dog is 10 inches, while the weight ranges from 6.5 to 9 pounds.

EARS: elongated, flowing, lying close to the head.

EYES: pronounced, dark almond shaped.

JAW: regular, scissors, strong.

NOSE: developed, open nostrils.

LIPS: moderately developed, rather tight, of medium fullness.

NECK: strong, commodities rounded, medium in length.

BODY: well proportioned, with moderately developed reefs.

TAIL: set quite high, natural or docked.

FRONT LEGS: perfectly upright, parallel, with plenty of muscle.

REAR LEGS: parallel seen from behind, muscles developed and very clear.

CLUTCHES: small, solid, short oval.

SKIN: flexible, not loose, pigmented.

HAIR: curly, abundant, woolly texture, very tightly wrapped, elastic and resistant to shake.

COLOR: monochrome, black, white, gray, brown, orange, yellow and brown and red and yellow-brown.

Toy Poodle - appearance

TOY POODLE: Character and Behavior

Toy Poodle is a small active dog, very intelligent and elegant. In his demeanor is very sensitive.

The feature that stands out most is companionship, which is an ideal dog for company.

Toy Poodle - character 1

It is extremely loyal dog, loyal to his master, what he can show. It goes well with small children, all people, other dogs, as well as with other animals. They can be good guard dogs, but only in terms of announcing strangers. Has a very nice intelligence and considerable learning ability. They are very sensitive to vocal intonation, and is therefore quite easy dressage. Can fulfill many roles and adjust to all situations.

Toy Poodle - character

TOY POODLE: Adaptation and Conditions of Life

Toy Poodle loves to feel like a real member of the family. Simply enjoy this atmosphere. A good choice for a home dog. He likes the comfort of your home, but stay in the yard is not recommended. Especially during the night.

High intelligence allowed excellent adaptation and very easy dressage. However, if it is not applied early socialization, can be very stubborn dog. At any time, will try to dominate the situation. In a special way almost be sure to every word that he instructed.

                              TOY POODLE SEEN BY CHILDREN

Toy Poodles - adaptation

TOY POODLE: Health Problems and Care

Toy Poodle has hair that requires regularly maintained. During early growth, to 10 months of life is very important to proper nutrition, to hair properly formed. The breed is prone to certain hereditary diseases, such as cataracts, or clouding of the lens, epilepsy, problems with teeth and arthrosis. However with special balanced diet, these problems can be kept under control.

Toy Poodle - health (puppies)

Do not shed, although a rich coat.

Recommended bathing once during the month, but before that, you should comb the hair.

The lifespan of the breed Toy Poodle is about 14 years.

Toy Poodle - health

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