The right dog for pleasure can certainly be Standard Poodle. Always remind as of something funny, sweet and cheerfully. But it can offer much more.


Standard Poodle, and like any other, has its origins in France, even in the distant year 1500. The name is derived from the French word “cane”, which means duck. Has its origins in the French water dog, Barbet. Female of this species in the XVII century was called Caniche. For years, the dog breeders tried to separate breed Caniche of breed Barbet. First of all, the objective was to obtain a monochrome dog with good characteristics.

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However the impact of the German type had a decisive role in the creation of today’s Poodle. Poodle was also a military dog, the keeper, the assistant in caravans and circus performer. It was also a very popular companion dog for ladies of high society. In the exhibitions began to appear later in the nineteenth century. In the thirties of the last century, Poodle has returned and now is one of the most popular breed in America.

Standard Poodle - history


Standard Poodle is a dog of average proportions. It has the appearance of a very intelligent dog, constantly active and always in a mood for some action. It was built in harmony with the impression of high elegance. Harmonious and typical curly.

Size of males is 17.7 inches to 22 inches, while females are slightly smaller than males.

Weight breed is around 48 lb.

HEAD: classy, rectilinear, in proportion to the body, finely built.

NOSE: develop, open nostrils, on black, white and gray dogs is black color, on brown dogs is brown, with the orange dogs is yellow-brown color.

MUZZLE: the upper part perfectly straight, strong, length is about 9/10 of the skull.

LIPS: moderately developed, tight, black or brown color.

TEETH: strong teeth, scissor bite.

EYES: sharp expression, slightly slanted, almond-shaped, black or dark brown.

EARS: long, falling over the face, flat, spreading and rounded at the top, covered with dense hair.

NECK: strong, slightly arched, of medium length, well proportioned.

FRONT LEGS: perfectly upright and parallel, well muscled with good bone.

REAR LEGS: parallel from behind, muscular, developed.

CLUTCHES: smaller, solid, short, oval.

SKIN: flexible, tight, pigmented.

COAT: curly, abundant, woolly texture, very tightly wrapped, elastic and resistant to pressure of the hand.

COLOR: monochrome, black, white, brown, gray, orange-yellow-brown and red-yellow-brown.

Standard Poodle - appearance


Standard Poodle is a cheerful and benevolent dog. An ideal choice for a pet. It is very cuddly dog, always ready to give a lot of love to family in which lives. Has a lot of energy, so it likes active play nad in the first place swimming. There’s always a lot of joy and positive behavior. Loyal, proud and extremely clever dog.

Standard Poodle - character 1

With children is very patient and loves the company of people. Intelligence is at a very high level. Considered to be the most intelligent dog in the world. Therefore, training and learning the tricks is a very easy job. As for the professional trainer and also for beginners. Standard Poodle is a very famous dog for its loyalty and devotion to the owner.

Standard Poodle - character


Standard Poodle is easily adapted to living conditions in the house or apartment. Requires a lot of contact with people. Required daily physical and mental activity. It is best to combine tricks, challenging exercises and walking on a leash. It will especially enjoy the opportunity to swim. Because, just loves water.

In no other option, Standard Poodle can not live outside. This can affect the education and health of the dog.


Standard Poodle - adaptation


If you are preparing for the exhibition Standard Poodle need daily brushing. If the hair is shorter then once a week. During shedding hair does not fall out, but had to be removed with a dog so as not to become tangled.

Standard Poodle - health (puppies)

Of the common health problems occurring sebaceus adenitis, torsion of the stomach and Addison’s disease. Of rarer disease occurs entropy, cataract, coronary artery disease and epilepsy.

Veterinarians recommend a periodical control of the skin, eyes and hips.

The lifespan of the breed Standard Poodle is 10 to 13 years.

Standard Poodle - health

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