Shih-Tzu is a real dog to play and to spoil. It is unlikely that your children will not resist to make the right home toy. Temperamental but very flexible.

SHIH-TZU: History

Shih-Tzu is one of the most popular toy breeds in the world. The name “Shih-Tzu” means “lion dog” and originates from western China. It was created by mixing the Lhasa Apso breed and a Beijing dog in the 17th century.

Shih-Tzu - history

Were a great favorite of Chinese emperors, but concrete data on the origins are fairly unclear. There is information that is linked to the origin of Tibet, where these dogs lived in temples. At that time, the Shih-Tzu was considered sacred dog, which brings health and happiness.

After the communist revolution in 1949, the breed almost disappeared. However certain diplomats had brought him to Europe and the dogs survived.

In England, the first appeared in 1930.

In America it is recognized as a breed in 1969.


SHIH-TZU: Appearance and Anatomy

Shih-Tzu has a strong and solid structure. It belongs to a small group of dogs. White beam at the head and white tail tip are very appreciated at exhibitions. The body is right and in accordance with proud and firm grip. Or by individuals can be characterized as very arrogant attitude.

The movement is arrogant, calm and fluent with good reach.

The energetic action of the hind legs.

The ideal height for the Shih-Tzu is about 10.5 inches while the weight ranges from 9.9 to 16.5 pounds.

EYES: large, dark, round, distant from one another, liver brown, slightly lighter.

EARS: large, pendulous, set below the highest point of the skull, covered with dense hair.

TEETH: very broad, squared bite.

NECK: well proportioned, nicely arched, fairly long.

BODY: stable, compact, solid shoulders, back straight.

FRONT LEGS: short, muscular, with strong bones, straight as possible.

REAR LEGS: short, muscular, strong, straight, parallel, thighs rounded and well muscled.

FEET: round, firm, with good pads.

TAIL: joy and well carried over the back, covered with bright bushy hair.

HAIR: long, dense, with good undercoat, the hair on the head of the upright.

COLOR: allowed all colors, preferably white on the tail.

Shih-Tzu - appearance

SHIH-TZU: Character and Behavior

Shih-Tzu dog has a very strong character, but cuddly and quite sociable. He is playful, active all day and loves the company of people. Goes well with other dogs as well as with other animals.

He is very considerate and tolerant of small children. But children should not treat him as a toy because of its size. Fast bind to its owner and enjoy every moment spent in his company.

Shih-Tzu - character 1

With piercing barking always signals the presence of strangers. Yet quickly accept new people into society.

Early socialization and training are desirable because they can develop anger, distrust and aggression.

Due to inadequate attitude towards this dog, may appear often barking, jealousy and attachment.

Shih-Tzu - character

SHIH-TZU: Adaptation and Conditions of Life

Shih-Tzu is a small dog, and is therefore very suitable for life in the city. Slowly gets used to living in an apartment or house. But he needs daily physical activity. Or playing, walking or running outdoors.

He loves living in an apartment, prefers not stay in the yard. Sometimes it is difficult to learn where to perform physiological needs, but each persistence pays.

Enough intelligent dog, but will easily learn his place in the apartment, what should and what should not.

The largest part of the day he is focused on his owner and would like to have more time to spend with him.

                                 SHIH-TZU SEEN BY CHILDREN

Shih-Tzu - adaptation

SHIH-TZU: Health Problems and Care

Shih-Tzu has a coat that requires daily maintenance. It is necessary to brush with a sharp brush, while the tuft on his head, mainly linked with decorative ribbon. In addition, there are no evident problems related to maintenance. It is adaptable to all conditions.

Shih-Tzu - healt (puppies)

From health problems, there is a dislocation of the knee, spine diseases, eye infections and ears, respiratory problems and tendency to obesity. How can this not have happened meals should be adequate quantitative and settled weather.

Shih-Tzu do not shed at all, and is suitable for people who have problems with allergies.

The lifespan of dogs Shih-Tzu is about 15 years.

Shih-Tzu - health

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