Samoyed is a working dog, but at the same time the perfect family dog. Very active and liked, will surely delight you. Also called a shepherd’s dog.


Samoyed is a descendant of a dog who once followed the members of Samoyed tribes during the migration. By this tribe encourages title. It was populated by northwestern Siberia, coming from Asia. Powerful dogs guarded herds of reindeer and keep the tribe from predators in the Arctic. They also help in the hunt for bears, towing boats and sleds.

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However despite difficult tasks, their bodies are warmed children’s beds during the cold nights. In England appeared at the end of the nineteenth century. One specimen was donated to Queen Alexandria that promoted the breed in the best way.

Samoyed was first appeared in America in 1906, and popularity slowly grew. In the early twentieth century became part of the teams that have dragged the sled expedition to Antarctica and are part of the team that won the South Pole. After World War II the popularity is growing rapidly, and breed spread to the whole world.

Samoyed - history


Samoyed is a heavy muscular dog, whose body provides great freedom of movement. It has a medium size and square shape. It has a cheerful face and a look of love. Elegant, agile, safe and dignified.

The average height for males is from 20.5 inches to 23 inches, while the average female height is from 18.5 inches to 20.5 inches.

The weight of male ranges from 44 lb to 66 lb, and the weight of females ranging from 35 lb to 44 lb.

HEAD: strong skull, wedge-shaped, occipital bone prominent.

MUZZLE: strong, large, equal in length to the skull.

TEETH: scissor bite.

EYES: dark chestnut color, well-set in the eye socket, slightly slanted, almond-shaped.

EARS: set high, wide apart, smaller, triangular, with slightly rounded tips.

NECK: strong, of moderate length.

LEGS: well-built, muscular, detergents and flexible.

PAWS: round, elastic.

TAIL: bent forward when the dog is in action or alert when the dog is resting, reaches to the hock.

COAT: thick, tough, elastic, under the coat is short, soft and dense. The outer coat is long, hard and law. Forms a rich folds around the door and shoulders, framing the head.

COLOR: white, cream or white-biscuit.

Samoyed - appearance


Samoyed is intelligent and obedient dog. It is very peaceful, especially with other dogs. Enough lively but almost never aggressive. It is very active with a lot of energy that loves to consume. It expresses love for other animals and to man. Especially towards children.

Samoyed - character 1

Very quickly learn all the commands, because it is one of the more intelligent breeds. Training should be full of changes, because repeating the same exercise can be awakened stubbornness. Getting accustomed to humans and other animals should start at an early age.

Samoyed - character


Samoyed is a very active dog that requires regular running and physical activity. So if you like a quiet life, then this dog is not for you. Many noisy and often barks, and is therefore better suited to live in the house. According to strangers is poised, so it is not a good watchdog.

Filled with the love of man and his environment, which is part of his nature and history. It likes jobs that require towing, energetic obligation and herding and enjoy the cooler temperatures. Can live outside in cold to moderate climates. But prefers to live in the house with his family where he feels safest.

                        SAMOYED SEEN BY CHILDREN

Samoyed - adaptation


Samoyed has a very thick coat that requires brushing two to three times a week. During shedding brushing should be done every day. Bathing is not recommended more than 3 to 4 times a year.

Samoyed - health (puppies)

Of the common health problems appear coronary artery disease, dysplasia, diabetes and kidney problems. From the few health problems can occur torsion of the stomach and progressive atrophy of the cornea.

The lifespan of the breed Samoyed is 10 to 12 years.

Samoyed - health

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