Small, sweet like a top on four legs. But worthy of every movement and gesture he made. Papillon will appeal to every owner and soon will be attached.


Papillon is one of the oldest breeds. The first records date back in Europe since 700 years ago. The kinship with several small spaniel. It was developed as a dog for the ladies in the royal Europe. In the pictures from the 14th century can be observed, standing close to the royal personality.

Papillon - history

Papillon name comes from the French word meaning “butterfly.” Spain and Italy were the centers of breeding of this species. Castle of Louis XIV was a special place for breeding. In the early XX century Papillon is presented in an exhibition in France, then in England and America.



Papillon is a small sumptuous spaniel, with long hair. It has a normal harmonic structure of the body, with a very proud posture. His movement is free and elegant. It is recognizable by its ears, which act as a widespread butterfly wings. The body is slightly longer than the height.

It reaches a height of about 7.8 to 11 inches and a weight of 6.6 to 11 pounds.

HEAD: Normally proportional compared with the body.

MUZZLE: sharp, fine, not bent.

NOSE: small, black, roundish.

TEETH: strongly, firmly closing.

EARS: set well apart, decorated with wavy hair, a lot of moving.

SHOULDERS: together create a great angle, perpendicular to the body.

LEGS: straight strong, quite slender, parallel.

FEET: quite long, standing vertically on the pads, toes dry, resistant pads.

NECK: medium in length, rounded occiput goods.

CHEST: wide and deep.

TAIL: well set, fairly long, covered with dense hair.

HAIR: rich shiny hair, wavy, with silky glow.

COLOR: on white grounds are allowed all colors, on the body and on the skin white must prevail, not on the head.

Papillon - appearance


Papillon is very capable for each competition and is very obedient. It is very curious and lively dog, which can always be thrown into action. It is very loyal to its owner. Although he is small, has a surprising courage. They love to play and are always willing to learn new games and commands. Sometimes they can be quite jealous. If necessary, can be an excellent hunter of rats and mice.

Papillon - character 1

It is very sensitive and lively companion, who has a special talent for acting. They can be great friends of people, especially children. They are good watchdogs, because in the presence of strangers can be quite noisy.

Papillon is a dog that is easily trained. He loves to show off his tricks. But if you allow him to become the master of the house, may exhibit negative behavior. With early socialization, and solid leadership all problems are easily overcome.

Papillon - character


Papillon is not too demanding dog. He is very active and does not need much space. It will be satisfied by running from room to room. However, if you have a yard, will be a happy dog. He likes to explore and muzzle. Enjoy short walks on a leash. Always moving next to its owner.

Papillon is not a dog that can live outdoors, do not like the cold and is always looking for a warm place to sleep. Therefore, external cold is not recommended because it can undermine the health.

With no problem adapts to urban and rural living conditions.

                            PAPILLON SEEN BY CHILDREN

Papillon - adaptation


Papillon has a long coat that requires some maintenance. Or daily brushing.

The physical Papillon is a healthy breed. There is no disease that is associated with this breed.

Papillon - health ( puppies)

From the few health problems appears progressive atrophy of the cornea and dislocation of the knee.

It is recommended periodic inspection of the hips and eyes.

The lifespan of the breed Papillon is 12-15 years.

Papillon - health

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