Many dog lovers sometimes pass through the head, how did the today dog looked in the past. What is Origin: Anatomy and Appearance of the dogs?


Domestic dogs, primarily have adapted to capture prey in nature. It belongs to the genus Canis, as well as wolves, coyotes and jackals. All these animals have gone through the same evolution and different behaviors.

Origin: Anatomy and Appearance


Experts, for many years investigating the origin of the domestic dog. The closest definition is that it comes from the wolf. Why? Because of all the species, the wolf is the most social, but most vary in size, fur and social behavior. For many years, the wolf was the most widespread mammal on land. When it comes down to paper and comparing the facts, it is unlikely that the domestic dog originated from the wolf. Rather, it’s disappear by natural selection.

Almost 2,000 years ago, human settlements have become attractive to the wolves, so they eventually were adopted. People have domesticated the wolf puppies and cared about them. They became real keepers of these settlements and households. At the same time assist in hunting and thus participated in the procurement of food for the family.

Origin: Anatomy and Appearance - family


Due to the many natural factors, but primarily environmental, wolves over time became more relaxed, less aggressive, smaller in size and much more social. With human influence during the breeding slowly developed a variety of changes. First of all frequent barking and howling reduced. It was an important detail for the watchdog.

Size of sinuses on the head is enlarged, and so improved intelligence. Dogs are simply becoming smarter. People wanted to create a smaller dog from the wolf and and the thus formed miniature dogs. After that there was a need for large breeds, and then came enormous dogs, which are now twice bigger then wolf.

Origin: Anatomy and Appearance - modern dog


In addition to all kinds of research, it was concluded that the wolf is the closest relative of today’s Golden retriever and Japanese Chin. The longest data show that 30 million years ago there was an animal, most similar to mongoose, which is believed to be the ancestor of the wolf. The remain fossils of these animals were found in North America. Therefore, it is believed that in these areas, were developed the first specimens of wolves.

Origin: Anatomy and Appearance - similarity

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