Obedience when dressing, often misunderstood. The most important thing has nothing to do with the harsh domination of the owner or trainer of the dog.


Obedience is a very important factor in the relationship between dog and owner. Accepting commands sit, lie down, wait and come, are very important factors for a good and proper upbringing of the dog. This is a basis for further tempering and implementation of other commands. The proper execution is very important for learning other tricks. If the dog learned to perform well, that saves him further pain.

If the dog is obedient and listen to all commands, it should be reminded from time to time. Obedience training is often wrongly understood. As execute commands. But it is not just that. Underneath it all, is hiding a lot more. First of all is the way of mental exercise for a dog and a way to connect with the dog. With regular repetition, the dog will feel safer.



There are some basic rules for dressing. Those are:

1. Reward the dog with favorite food

2. Rewarding only properly executed command

3. The award is given immediately after the command

4. Training is always carried out before the meal

5. Training is always carried out before a game or runs

6. The exercise is executed while the dog is interested

7. The coach must be consistent and persistent

8. Always motivate the dog with the tone of your voice

9. It is important to be entertaining and interesting

10. You need to be very patient, without annoying

Learning the tricks and commands consists of three phases. The first is question, the second is the command signal and the third signal with hands. The prize can not be given to the dog before execute the command. Also, do not allow the dog to perform the trick without command.



Your job as a coach is to keep a dog consistently through all stages of dressing. The goal of each training is to achieve something more than the previous time. But you have to know exactly what you want and do not waver. When issuing commands, you should always use the same tone of voice with sufficient clarity. Motivation is also important, so that the dog looks forward to each exercise. It can be in the form of food, favorite toys or praise. After successful training, touch your dog, tell him gentle words to recognize how satisfy you are. Should not be allowed to repeat the mistakes repeatedly, because the dog will become discouraged. The training should always finish off while the dog is still interesting and successfully executed the command.



The commands and tricks are numerous. But the coach can always come up with new, or link one with other. Even a simple command and improves mindset the dog. Some commands, the dog never executed independently, without you. Such commands require eye contact and are completely normal. There is still a lot to learn, so get your ideal pet and take the action.


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