If you have always had the desire to have a small pony, then be sure to select Neapolitan Mastiff. Gene among dogs, but the real pet.


Neapolitan Mastiff comes from the Tibetan Mastiff. It was founded more than 2,000 years in Campania, where traditionally grown. Their roots also from the Middle East and Asia. Again slowly coming back into fashion, after many years.

Neapolitan Mastiff - history

Formerly were used as a fighting dog and war dog, and today is mainly guardian of the estate and farms. Neapolitan Mastiff was available almost all over the world until 1946 when it was presented at a dog show. Pierre Skanziani registered this breed and asked growers not to allow to this dog went into oblivion.

In the United States appeared in the seventies. Precisely in 1973 was founded the club for Neapolitan Mastiff.



Neapolitan Mastiff is a very powerful dog, sturdily built. It’s full of strength, has strong bones but also looks great. The appearance is robust, with intelligent eyes. Build body shows heavy, wide dog, whose length of body is greater than height. Enough is harmonious in relation to the profile.

Males may have a height of about 29 inches while females reach a height of about 25 inches. The male is about 154 pounds, while females are more easily for about 30 pounds. However there are some samples with a weight of more than 200 pounds.

HEAD: short, massive, between the cheek eyes wide skull.

MUZZLE: length should be 1/3 of the length of the head.

SKIN: rich folds, especially on the part of the outer corner of eye to corner of mouth.

NOSE: in profile must be noticed in front of his lips, big, wet and cold.

LIPS: thick, fleshy, heavy, drooping.

EARS: small, triangular, well set, the front edge touching cheeks, at the root slightly raised.

EYES: eyelids fitting well with the eyeball, away from each other, the color matches the color of the coat.

NECK: powerful, muscular and short.

BODY: broad chest, strongly developed muscles, the back has a straight line, tight, big stomach, small chub sets.

FRONT LEGS: solid, straight and muscular.

REAR LEGS: long and wide thigh, with a clear muscles, lower leg is shorter but just as strong.

FEET: round, large, well closed.

HAIR: thick, same length all over, mostly 0.60 inches, silky radiant.

COLORS: black, gray, gray-blue, brown, red and yellow, and deer red. All colors may appear in the form of a tiger, possibly small white markings on chest and fingertips.

Neapolitan Mastiff - appearance


Neapolitan Mastiff is a large dog, but he is aware of that power. Exceptional is the guardian of the apartment or the courtyard. If the property is not fenced will not abandon it. Learning is not necessary because it is keeping rooted in character. Some specific combat ability is not advisable to stand the training, because Neapolitan Mastiff can become quite aggressive. What for a dog of this size can be quite inconvenient.

Neapolitan Mastiff - character 1

Loves people, especially children. It is very careful in dealing with young children. With other pets get along, but if had contact from an early age. The biggest problem is the domination of the dogs of the same sex. Moving slowly, like a bear. Step is a slow and long.

Females are much gentler and more attached. They can be jealous of other pets, but jealousy is not manifested in an aggressive manner.

Neapolitan Mastiff requires a firm hand. When at home most of the time is spent sleeping.

It is very loyal, but at the same time cautious in the company of strangers.

Neapolitan Mastiff - chaacter


Neapolitan Mastiff could be the right dog for your home. But if you have a house with a yard. Or enough time for long walks and a variety of physical activities. He needs a space where he can feel as a guardian, or where there is enough space for unhindered movement. He needs socialization when he is still a baby.

If Neapolitan Mastiff is located in a small and close place, count on a sad and unfortunate dog.

If you live in a warm area, Neapolitan Mastiff will not be able to bear it. More suits him colder weather. This dog does not bark much.


Neapolitan Mastiff - addaptation


Neapolitan Mastiff has the same health problems as other large dogs. This is hip dysplasia, demodecosis, heart problems and coronary artery disease.

Before purchasing this dog, consult your veterinarian or an experienced owner. According to many, the great problem of breed Neapolitan Mastiff is drooling and often spilling water and food. If your obsession is a purity of space do not opt for Neapolitan Mastiff.

Neapolitan Mastiff - health (puppies)

Maintenance is quite expensive. It is necessary to brush the hair once a week, wrinkles from time to time need to be cleaned with wet wipes, and then dry with a dry cloth. The teeth must be cleaned two to three times a week, but preferably would be daily. Nails are cut once or twice a week, that would paws were in an ideal shape. Life expectancy for Neapolitan Mastiff is 8-10 years.

Neapolitan Mastiff - health

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