Male or Female?

Those who have experience with the sale of puppies can confirm that the first choice always falls to males. Male or Female? We discover the facts.

Male or Female? – general

Does it matter that you take a male or a female? There are those who love dogs of all races, colors, layout, size, nature, and sex. But before you make a decision, you should know some things. Generalization is a bad, but there are some features that characterize males and females. Some are aggressive, others more gentle with children, but everyone has a common problem behavior when it comes time for mating.

Male or female - 1

Male or Female? – Female

Main outrank females compared to males, are much softer and better behavior in comparison with children. There may come to the fore maternal instinct because your child is seen as their own. It can happen that in your discussions with your child stand in defense of the child, which will indicate growl or bark. Females are much more attached to the owners and much less to wander around looking for a mate. But if you wander off, be sure to come back with potential acquisitions. They are bigger than the males collectors, as evidenced by the collection of unknown objects in front of your door. Females maze just as much as you want. They are less aggressive, but in defense of puppies, the female is ready for anything. Even to sacrifice his life. When the need arises for a male, behavior changes. It can even refuse food.

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Male or Female? – male

The main problem in males is disobedience and departure from home whenever the opportunity to create. Returning home when hungry and thus show their selfishness. It is likely that on many occasions to attack other males, or be attacked for threatening territory. It is certain that he can jump a fence several meters if he felt that the female is in heat. On the other hand are great for training and very easy to motivate with food and treats. They love to cuddle, especially before bedtime. Because of this, many will say that males are more loyal than the females, but the situation may be quite the opposite. The truth is somewhere in the middle and is up to you and your needs to choose a male or female.

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Male or Female? – conclusion

All mentioned features all change if you decide to castrate the males or sterilize the female. Then the behavior soothing properties and adapt to the situation in which they live. All necessary information you can get from your vet. If in your home you have more than one dog, it’s best to be of different sexes. Then there will be less fighting over territory, but you will have more often separates them. No matter what your decision, your dog will make best friends with their presence, learning, care, and love.

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