As a family dog, combined with outdoor activities, the Magyar Vizsla is an excellent choice. Sociable, active, intelligent and with good health.


Magyar Vizla as a breed is mentioned several centuries ago. Specific breed was founded in late 18th century.

They were created by mixing several breeds that are collected by Hungarians as they passed through Europe and settled in Hungary.

Magyar Vizsla - history

The Hungarian active hunters, who chased an extensive Hungarian plains, was needed fast and committed dog, to locate, track and make loot.

By the 19th century the number of dogs has dropped sharply, but with special efforts over the years was recovered. The American Kennel Club recognized the breed Magyar Vizla in 1960, which today is highly prized for its ability.



Magyar Vizsla was created by mixing the Hungarian Hound and yellow Turkish pointers. It has a thin muscular and very strong skeleton. It has a strong, proportional structure filled with muscle.

Elegant and athletic body seems very balanced.

It differs sharply hairs and short hairs Vizsla.

The male has an average height of 21.5 to 26 inches, while female reach a height of 20 to 24 inches.

The male has an average weight in the range of 44 to 59.5 lb.

The female has an average weight in the range of 39 to 55 lb.

HEAD: very proportional, moderately broad, slightly convex.

NOSE: slightly shorter than the skull.

TEETH: correct scissors bite.

EYES: oval shapes, colors in accordance with the hair.

EARS: moderately high set, of medium length, well-closed ear canal.

NECK: medium length, very muscular, slightly convex.

BODY: strong, muscular and a prominent ridge, firm back.

FRONT LEGS: straight, strong bones.

REAR LEGS: muscled, moderate angulation.

TAIL: set on low, powerful shortened.

HAIR: short, sharp, in some parts of the body is flat, the rear part is slightly longer, protects against all weather conditions.

COLOR: sandy fawn, different shades, white markings on chest and paws.

Magyar Vizsla - appearance


Magyar Vizsla have expressed a high level of energy. It is very loyal, loving and gentle dog. They want from their owners to devote all their attention. If it does not receive, they are able to squeak for hours.

Magyar Vizsla - character 1

They are not aggressive towards strangers but will bark to indicate the arrival of a stranger. They are very intelligent dogs, so training is very easy. On each command react quickly. Surly and aggressive training is not required, because it can create a contra-indications. You can create an unfortunate and sensitive dog.

By nature is peaceful and calm, but in the hunt is active and lively. It has a remarkable sense of smell and loves the water.

Magyar Vizsla - character


Magyar Vizla can perfectly adapt to family life. They are very gentle with children in the game. For other types of domestic pets are well accustomed, but only if it is with them since the first day in the house. Otherwise, he can show hostility. With other dogs goes well, the only problem could arise with the dominant males.

Require a lot of physical activity, it is recommended to run all day in the apartment. More suits them house with its area yard. Magyar Vizla can become a destructive dog, if he does not get a lot of attention. One of the greatest desires of breed Magyar Vizla is to spend more time with their boss.

It is very pleasant companion and has a large number of fans.

An excellent choice for an active family with children.

                            MAGYAR VIZSLA SEEN BY CHILDREN

Magyar Vizsla - adaptation


Any time in playing is very important for Magyar Vizla, because it can develop destructive properties. Hair loss can be prevented by occasional brushing. Do not need frequent baths, but only when it is necessary.

Magyar Vizsla - health ( puppies )

Overall, Magyar Vizla is the dog with good health. There is no common health problems, while the rarer are hemophilia A, craniomandibular osteopathy, coronary artery disease etc.

It is recommended periodic inspection of the hips.

The lifespan of the breed Magyar Vizla from 10 to 14 years.

 Magyar Vizsla - health

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