Lagotto Romagnolo is specially selected dog to search for a very expensive and popular mushrooms. From this dog appeared all water breeds.


Lagotto Romagnolo is a very ancient breed. It was used as a water dog in the XVI century in the swampy areas of the cities of Ravenna and Comacchio. Over time, the marshes drained and this dog has become a basic tool in the search for truffles. These are the most expensive and most appreciated mushroom in the world. That’s the reason why the dog was highly sought and well-kept races. This happens only in XIX century in Romagna. The only race in the world recognized for carrying out this work.

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They became one of the most popular Italian breeds in the world. Were inserted into the program FSS in 2001. The dog is also known as the Romagna Water Dog.



Lagotto Romagnolo is a dog of medium size, stocky look and great proportions. It has a strong structure and a lot of rustic appearance.

The average height for males is 17 inches to 18.5 inches, while females have an average height of 16 inches to 18 inches.

The male is in the range of 28.6 lb to 35 lb, whereas females reach a weight of 24 lb to 30.8 lb.

HEAD: above is trapezoidal, moderately broad.

NOSE: large with wide nostrils, nasal line is highlighted, the color ranges.

MUZZLE: wide, shorter than the skull, the depth is less than the length, wedge-shaped.

LIPS: not too thick, solid, covered with long and bristly mustache.

TEETH: powerful jaws, scissor or pincer bite, well-developed white teeth.

EYES: large, rounded, filling the socket, set apart. Eyelids tightly closed.

EARS: medium size, in proportion to the head, triangular with rounded tips, wide at the base.

NECK: powerful, muscular, lean, length less than the total length of the head.

TAIL: placed in the central part, tapering towards the top, never curled.

FRONT LEGS: vertical, well laid back, the muscular, powerful.

REAR LEGS: vertical, parallel, powerful, well proportioned to the size of the dog.

SKIN: good fitting, without wrinkles, thin, pigmentation varies.

FUR: woolly texture, somewhat rough in surface, forming the solid ring and curls. They must be evenly distributed throughout the body except the head. The coat is water resistant.

COLOR: solid color, white with brown or orange patches, sprayed brown, clear brown or pure orange.



Lagotto Romagnolo is a good pet. Loves people and is linked to their owner. It is a true friend and faithful companion. Due to the mild nature it is not suitable for guards.


The unbridled hunting dog, sharp barks, which is the best feeling while doing something. Therefore, it mainly bred to find truffles. However, individuals find it as an ideal dog for companionship and work. Flair has made this dog very effective and valuable. It is very docile, not very demanding and it is easy to train.

It boasts great character. Happy are towards all, especially towards children. They are intelligent and have everything you need for a good pet. They perfectly match with other dogs and other animals. Excellent accept strangers.



Lagotto Romagnolo loves to spend time with people. It fits perfectly into the ordinary conditions of life. It needs a lot of physical and mental activity, because it is primarily a working dog.

There will always choose to spend time outside. According to family members is very gentle and adapt quickly and easily. Training the dog will run without problems. Fits in any kind of discipline. Training starts with the puppies and takes about 2 years. He needs a strict or moderate and calm boss. With proper communication, Lagotto Romagnolo will be obedient and a good pet.

With a dog needs to work one person. Or the person with whom spends most of the time. Suitable would be daily walk, if you do not have the yard.




Lagotto Romagnolo is a dog with extremely good health. Puppies should not be exposed to physical activities until the skeleton is fully developed. It has a great immune system. Not noted that it is subject to certain diseases.


Because of lush curls, considered by many to be difficult to maintain. But on the contrary. Generally do not shed, and therefore need regular haircuts to hair does not become tangled. Bathing should be done once a month.

Diet is not complicated, because it will eat all he pour into a bowl. But, it is recommended the use of industrial food that contains all the necessary nutrients. The lifespan of the breed Lagotto Romagnolo is 15 and older.


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