Kai Ken is a very energetic dog, which will meet the requirements of each owner who likes action and nature. Excellent hunting dog with many good qualities.


Kai Ken is a breed that is derived from medium-sized dogs, who lived in Japan. They lived in a region called Kai.

There are from the Middle Ages and still carry the nickname “tora-inu,” which means a dog tiger. Name obtained by the ancient province of Japan.

Kai Ken - history

Breed was domesticated about 40 years ago. They were used mainly for hunting deer and wild boar.

Breeder Haru Isogaia has invested huge efforts to make this breed a national treasure of Japan. This happened in 1934, when Kai Ken declared as a natural monument.



Kai Ken is a dog of medium size, very proportional. It is strongly built, with well-developed muscles. Because of the hilly regions, after which he moved, particularly point out and developed strong legs and ankles. Kai Ken is very nimble and agile dog, with a great deal of caution.

The average height of the male ranges from 18 to 22 inches, while the weight is from 24 to 53 pounds. The average height of females ranging from 17 to 20 inches, while the weight is from 22 to 48.50.

HEAD: a broad forehead, defined furrow.

NOSE: black, straight bridge of nose.

MUZZLE: pointed, long, medium width.

TEETH: strong, scissor bite.

EYES: proportionally small, almost triangular, dark brown.

EARS: slightly larger, triangular, slightly inclined forward, carried straight up.

NECK: thick, strong, muscular.

BACK: straight, short.

CHEST: deep, with a medium-sprung ribs.

TAIL: high, thick, vigorously curled, carried over the back.

FRONT LEGS: developed and muscular, slightly slanted feet.

REAR LEGS: long thighs, short shins.

WRISTS: elastic, strong and robust.

FEET: well arched toes, thick elastic pads, sharp nails.

HAIR: undercoat is soft and thick, top coat harsh and straight, long hair on the tail.

COLORS: black brindle, red brindle and brindle. Puppies are in one color, during growth become the tiger.

Kai Ken - appearance


Kai Ken is a very brave dog, with a highly developed senses. And therefore remain cautious. Enough is muscular, with strong limbs.

Kai is an active dog, so it is often fun to watch them play. It is very intelligent, so the learning and dressage is a pleasure. As for the dog and also for the boss. Able to learn impressive command and execute the complicated tasks. If you socialize him in the right way, will get along great with children and other pets.

Kai Ken - character 1

Thus strong dog requires a lot of physical activity. This includes running, playing or walking on a leash.

On the other hand Kai Ken can be very stubborn and rebellious. Of all the Japanese breed he is the least accessible.

Enough is territorial, and therefore the foreigners can be suspicious.

According to the boss and the family is loyal and affectionate.

Kai Ken - character


For race Kai Ken house or any enclosed space is not a natural habitat.

Therefore, it is no suitable habitat.

He needs plenty of space for a comfortable life because he needs a lot of moving and that consumes energy. Preferably the yard with a fence.

Thick fur allows it to withstand all weather conditions. It is thus possible to live outdoors with adequate shelter.

He loves family life. It may represent a real watchdog, who will in every moment keep the home.

                             KAI KEN SEEN BY CHILDREN

Kai Ken - adaptation


Kai Ken has thick fur that requires constant grooming, with the removal of dead hair, in order to maintain an adequate look.

There is not a specific disease or any health problem of breed Kai Ken.

Occasionally occur hip dysplasia and arthritis.

Kai Ken - health (puppies)

Therefore, it is desirable periodic inspection of eyes and hips.

Nutrition is very important. The amount of the daily portion must be strict to avoid bloating. If there is a problem with overweight, Kai Ken will not be able to demonstrate their superior physical abilities.

The lifespan of race Kai Ken is from 12 to 15 years.

Kai Ken - health

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