Like all terriers Jagdterrier is very persistent, stubborn and tenacious dog. The running and physical activity is very important for this dog.


Jagdterrier is created by mixing three types of terriers. These are Fox terrier, Welsh terrier and English Terrier. It was created in the XIX century as a German breed, although it derives from Britain. After the First World War was set aside a few hunting breeds, and so began the story of Jagdterrier. Deutscher Jagdterrier Club was founded in 1926, when this breed is perfected.

Jagdterrier - history

Racial signs for this German terriers were adopted by Germany. Introduced as a standard in 1968 and recognized by the FCI.

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Jagdterrier is very tough, sturdy and muscular. The body is quite elastic but stable. It is small but very compact build. Length of body exceeds the height. Nowadays there are two types. These are: short-haired and wire-haired.

The average height of the male is about 15.7 inches, while the female is slightly lower than males. Breed weight is in the range from 15 lb to 17 lb.

HEAD: flat between the ears, the front part of the head is shorter than skull.

MUZZLE: strong with prominent cheeks.

NOSE: black color, at brown dogs is brown.

EYES: dark, small, oval, deep-set.

EARS: Y shape, set high, perpendicular goods.

NECK: powerful, not long.

BACK: strong, straight, not too short.

FRONT LEGS: straight, strong, well muscled.

REAR LEGS: well angulated and muscular.

PAW: front wider than the last, well closed.

TAIL: shortened to 1/3, should not be tilted forward.

FUR: simple, thick, harsh, rough, straight.

COLOR: basic color is white, black and gray or dark brown. Permitted bright and dark spots.

Jagdterrier - appearance


Jagdterrier is primarily a working dog and has excellent hunting qualities. Lively and very combative. Without thinking will jump on a rabbit or on a wild boar also. That can cost it sometimes dearly. Intrepid and stubborn at the same time. Serve his master without a problem but it’s very suspicious to strangers. In every situation you can rely on this pet because it belongs to one of the most reliable breeds.

Jagdterrier - character 1

It is very friendly and easy to dressage. However, the coach has to be durable, safe and consistent. With Jagdterrier is difficult to manage, unless there is proper communication. It is designed to combat above and below ground and for loud prosecution. Mainly, it is active all day. Intelligence is at a high level, which can be seen at games or other activities.

Jagdterrier - character


Jagdterrier is suitable if you love everyday activities outside the home. Because of its size it is suitable for living in the apartment, driving in the car or any type of transport. It needs a daily activity in order to be balanced, cheerful and happy dog.

To spend the energy needed long walks or jogging. If the owner is an avid hunter, then the situation is ideal. Will enjoy in every adventure in nature. With these dogs, you’ll never be bored. It loves to swim and would not mince to jump into the water. Devoted to his master, a great friend of children and is quite tolerant of other animals. It can serve as an excellent guard dog, it will bark to announce the uninvited guests. While it is energetic and sharp, use every opportunity to share tenderness.

It is resistant to harsh climate and weather conditions, and will not pose a problem to live in the yard.

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Jagdterrier - adaptation


Jagdterrier is generally healthy breed. There is no common health problems. Coat is not difficult to maintain. It takes only occasional brushing.

Jagdterrier - health (puupies)

What is very important for the Jagdterrier, have adequate nutrition from birth to full maturity. It is not advisable to have excess weight, because it can not adequately use physical abilities, which is at a high level.

The lifespan of the breed Jagdterrier is about 12 years.

Jagdterrier - health

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