If your life is monotonous, feel free to get a Jack Russell Terrier and your life is changed forever. Then comes the period of happiness and action.


Jack Russell Terrier is a breed originated in the 19th century. It was named after the hunter and priest Jack Russell, one of the first members of the British Kennel Club.

Jack Russell Terrier - history

Appears with mixing sharp hairs terriers used in the hunt for the fox.

Today it is mainly used as a companion dog or entertainment.

Originates from Australia, although it gained popularity in England.



Jack Russell Terrier is a very strong little dog, active and agile terrier. It has a very energetic movements that are in line with a sharp layout. The body is elastic, long and muscular. It has tempestuous character, but high intelligence. It is characterized by rigor and can dig all day.

There exist two types: wire-haired and short-haired. The ideal height is from 10 to 12 inches, while the weight is in the range from 9 to 15 pounds.

HEAD: moderate width.

NOSE: black color.

LIPS: black, well-fitting.

JAW: very strong, broad, scissor bite.

EYES: small, dark, sharp, fitting well with shutters, almond shape.

EARS: completely bent, drooping, thin, great mobility.

NECK: powerful, clean, stable holding his head.

BODY: rectangular, straight back.

CHEST: well away from the earth, ribs sprung well.

TAIL: down at rest, in motion erect, docked, should be at ear level.

FRONT LEGS: straight from the elbows to the toes.

REAR LEGS: strong, muscular, in line with the shoulders.

FEET: round, hard pads, not big.

HAIR: smooth, sharp or rough, water-resistant.

COLORS: white color must dominate, black or brown markings.

Jack Russell Terrier - appearance


Jack Russell Terrier is a very temperamental dog, excited, but on the other hand stubborn. He is a working or hunting dog and he needs physical activity throughout the day. Therefore, think twice before you get a dog Jack Russel Terrier.

Never tiring and active non stop. Although they are small, their amount of energy is impressive. If you do not get him tired or do not stimulate him, can become a real destructionists. For them it is a real pleasure jumping fences, swimming, constantly barking at every noise etc.

Jack Russell Terrier - character 1

With proper dog training and constant supervision, all this energy can be channeled in the right way. They love dressage, tasks and challenges.

Jack Russel Terrier is very intelligent and very easy can accept commands. They love to learn new things, so they easily can learn anything you want. With small children can agree, but to a certain extent. He will not suffer the hassle or harassment.

Although it is a small dog, Jack Russel Terrier defend its territory. Fearless and does not tolerate intruders. If there is a conflict with a larger dog, Jack Russel Terrier will never retire. Early socialization is necessary because it can be shown intolerance toward people.

Jack Russell Terrier - character


Jack Russel Terrier is not recommended to live in the apartment. But if you’re ready for a large daily dose of outdoor activities, then this is the right dog for you. On the other animals do not agree very well, because coming to the fore their hunting instincts.

Jack Russel Terrier enjoys the company of men and easily fits into the active life. I do not like to be closed, so it is recommended courtyard. He likes to listen to the boss, but it is also ready to test the limits of his patience.

Each home will fill with positive energy and unforgettable moments. So if you miss the joy and excitement, Jack Russel Terrier will make it up.

It is necessary the 30 to 120 minutes of physical activity during the day. They love playing with children, while home visits will announce with loud barking.


Jack Russell Terrier - adaptation


Jack Russell Terrier is a fairly healthy breed. A dog that lives long. It does not require special care, but during the molt is necessary to brushing with a rubber brush. Shedding occurs twice a year, in spring and autumn. If you live in an apartment shedding is present all year round.

Jack Russell Terrier - health ( puppies)

Diseases that can sometimes occur are a hereditary cataracts, deafness and slipped.

The lifespan of Jack Russel Terrier is up to 15 years.

Jack Russell Terrier - health

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