Good dog for hunting, well-built with a rich history, Ibizan Hound is appropriate for a wide range of dog lovers. Popular in America.


Ibizan Hound race dates from 3400 BC. Located on the coats of arms of Pharaoh and museum displays. This means that this is one of the oldest breeds in the world that still exists.

Originating from Spain, the island of Majorca, Ibiza, Minorca and Formentera. The original name was “Ca Eivisec”. They are very popular in Valencia and Provence. On these areas have brought them the Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans.

Ibizan Hound - history

The breed has a long history and survived through difficult times. But still managed to survive. The first specimens arrived in America around 1956 and is based The Ibizan Hound Club.

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Ibizan Hound is athletic dog. It is very powerful and has a mid size. It is very fast and has a suspended trot. The movement is graceful and shows the impression of great agility.

The average size of the males ranged from 26 inches to 28 inches, while the size of the females range from 23 inches to 26 inches.

HEAD: long, narrow, in the form of the pins, small compared to the body.

NOSE: toadstool is a flesh-colored, open nostrils.

LIPS: thin, closely attached to the chest, flesh-colored.

TEETH: perfect closure, scissor bite, white teeth, regularly aligned.

EYES: small, light amber colored, but also show the intelligence and timidity.

EARS: solid, movable, horizontal, carried erect, rhombic shape, no fluff.

NECK: very dry, length equal to a quarter of the body length, rounded, muscular.

BODY: symmetric, convex mild, medium and compact proportions.

TAIL: set high, long, thick at the base, comparatively narrow at the top, carried upright.

FRONT LEGS: vertical, symmetrical, straight.

REAR LEGS: vertical, well muscled.

CLUTCHES: resemble like rabbit, long fingers, nails very strong, very hard pads.

SKIN: taut, fitting, pigmented red.

FUR: short, sharp, strong, shiny, about 2 inches in length.

COLOR: the best white and red, or a combination of these two colors.

Ibizan Hound - appearance


Ibizan Hound is primarily used for hunting rabbits. It has a very sensitive sense of smell. Therefore, hunts without problems. It is clever and resourceful, hunts prey without problems, especially if hunting with other dogs. Only barks when sees or hears prey. When catching prey, fiercely waving with tail.

Ibizan Hound - character 1

They have plenty of mild nature and not aggressive. It is loyal and devoted to its owner and family. It is fast, energetic and use all available skills in the game in the home or the park.

With dreusrom should start as early as possible. They are resistant to heavy and monotonous training. The meaning of the game is very tight, which is an excellent method during dressage. The recommended dressage is based on reward for a well done task.

Ibizan Hound - character


Ibizan Hound is an active dog and requires regular exercise during the day. It is recommended to regularly run and walk. Will fit perfectly in a family with more members or with children. Likes to play in the yard or in the park. With no problem will accept any challenge by the children.

It can be adapted to the conditions in the apartment, but it is preferably enclosed courtyard. Goes well with other animals and other dogs. But you should always have a certain amount of precaution, because it can always awaken the hunting instinct. Day can spend outside, but prefers to spend the night in the house or in a well-equipped shelter in the yard.

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Ibizan Hound - adaptation


Ibizan Hound is a very healthy breed, which has no genetic diseases. Requires a daily walk in order to be completely healthy. Brushing is recommended once a week to remove dead hair.

Ibizan Hound - health (puppies)

From some health problems may occur hip dysplasia, eye disease, autoimmune thyroiditis and congenital deafness.

It is recommended periodic inspection of the ears.

The lifespan of the breed Ibizan Hound is from 12 to 14 years.

Ibizan Hound - health

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