It is widely known that there is no a good hunting without good Hunting Dogs. All are united with excellent orienteering and adventure.

Hunting Dogs: hunting breeds

The dog as man’s best friend and most faithful has always been a companion in search of food. For centuries the situation has not changed. Formerly and now around the legs of a true hunter hangs a dog.

A hunting dog should always be in the company of a man. You should never be alone and closed. Aging hunting dogs, which can no longer contribute to the hunt, the owner should ensure peaceful old age and the necessary care. These actions show the best relationship that exists between a man and a hunting dog. The benefit of a hunting dog on the field was discovered only when hunting became a sport rather than the need for food and survival. Dogs behave differently, but some are more useful than others. Planned breeding and selection, were obtained by hunting dogs that we know today.

Hunting Dogs - ancient dog 1

hunting dogs: pit dogs

The role of dachshunds that were driven wild game hides in caves. Such lives are prone to foxes, badgers, and rabbits. This kind of hunting is very old. Small but very powerful and persistent dogs, find the animals in their burrows and expelling them under escort fighter. Its barking occurs hunter that is a member of the range. These dogs are great helpers in the hunt. If they had adequate training, show all your skills in the right way. They are characterized by low growth and strength. They have a powerful muzzle and solid teeth, which are the basic weapon in the fight with aggressive and dangerous animals. The main feature of their perseverance, courage, and fearlessness. During the fight never deviate. Therefore, unfortunately, often suffer. I can work very successfully as hounds because they easily learn to retrieve caught prey. The best-known representatives are Hunting Terriers, Dachshunds, and Fox Terriers.

Hunting Dogs - pit dogs 2

hunting dogs: hounds

Hounds are considered the oldest hunting dogs. Their role in the hunt to track down and force the game to the hunter. They are characterized by great mobility, liveliness, and loud barking. They are very tough and durable dogs, which can all day to be on the move. Mostly used for hunting larger and smaller animals. The most famous in the world is Schiller Hound, Scandinavian and French Hound, Bernese Hound, Basset etc.

Hunting Dogs - hounds 3

hunting dogs: schweisshund

These dogs have a task to detect trace after movement of wildlife. These dogs have a very strong sense of smell, especially in the blood. It is therefore also called Schweisshund. This kind of instinct is highly developed and are able to follow for miles an injured animal. They are used to hunt large animals. They are very important for the work of hunting grounds because it often happens that a wounded animal run away for a while until it falls. Then perform seekers. The most famous representatives of this species are Hannovercher Schweisshund and Bavarian Schweisshund. It is strong, persistent and persistent dogs who do their job very meticulously and accurately.

Hunting Dogs - Schweisshund 4

hunting dogs: sniffers

These dogs gone wild at a short distance, searching every bush with continuous barking and movement. Searching any vegetation they come across. For the love of love relaxed and unhurried, be enough to help and contribute. This group of dogs belonging to ten species. These are the Clumber, Cocker, Irish and English Springer, Big Springer Spaniel, Sussex Spaniel and German Pointer. These dogs are beautiful and graceful but can be kept in homes as pets. Especially if you prefer an active, sporty dog. They are resistant to disease and do not require special care. But it is important to have plenty of room to move. They have long hair to which the capture plant, it is necessary to regularly brush by the owner. They are very affectionate.

Hunting Dogs - sniffers 5

hunting dogs: pointers

These are the noblest hounds. The main task is to search the field and find the animal. Primarily used in the hunt to the transferred animals. With proper training can be used during the hunting of other animals. After discovering wildlife and view head indicate a hunter in a place where it is located. It is easily trained to retrieve hunted game. Divided into English and German species. Hunters usually opt for pointers, Epagneul Breton, Irish, Scottish, German etc. Lively, energetic and very reliable. They are characterized by very good intelligence, flair, and strong muscles.

Hunting Dogs - pointers 6

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