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From a large group of old dogs, who now also live in the subtropical regions, has developed a special group of dogs, called pariah dogs.

Scientists share these dogs into four groups. The first is an Australian wild dog called Dingo. In ancient times, when current Australia has a land link with Asia, moved there, and today is the only man, besides placental mammal that continent. These dogs have lived in large herds near human settlements and fed the waste. This fact is very important because they had a role of cleaners and hygienists.

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Removing the organic residues and thus causes the infection. South group of these dogs can be seen on the monuments of the early formation of our civilization, and documents ancient Egyptian empire from five thousand years ago. These are today’s southern greyhounds and dogs of the Mediterranean and the Middle East. They differ in body structure and nature of greyhounds from the northern areas. These differences are due to the influence and presence of wolves singles.

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Greyhounds with its fantastic speed arrive prey and catch it. It also allows him a fantastic vision. Extremely slim but not skinny. The head is narrow and very long, so in the jaws are plenty of room for the teeth. The body is square in shape, which means they are just as high as the long. The legs are very long and straight. The belly is quite entangled and chest narrow and extremely deep. Under the thin skin outlining every muscle, and fat tissue is almost gone. This physique allows them explosive running or galloping and durability. Greyhounds have a well-developed vision during the whole life, which for years is not bad.

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For thousands of years, man has hunted in the company of greyhounds. Today it is used only in their native lands, often in combination with a falcon. Only were used as racing dogs. In the northern parts of Europe and a larger living stronger northern greyhounds, which were created by mixing the southern greyhounds with other dogs, and wolves. There are breeds that are very similar to greyhounds. They have the typical physical characteristics. Very resemble on the first dogs of this type, called Pharaonic dogs.

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In the northern group of greyhounds belongs Irish wolfhound and Deerhound, while the southern group of greyhounds belongs Saluki, Afghan Hound, Sloughi, Greyhound, Levretto, and Barzoi.

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