Harrier is an excellent social dog. Loves its owner, always ready to socialize and will surely delight you with their behavior.


Harrier is the oldest dog among all the hunting dogs that hunt by means of smell. The name comes from the Norman word which means “dog”. According to some data, the breed was created in the XIII century in England. It originated from some extinct breeds such as Talbord and dog St. Hubert.

Harrier - history

Mostly they kept the nobility, but they were used also and poor hunters. In America it is known since colonial times, but have never been popular as pets or dogs for exhibitions.

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Harrier we know today is less growth and particularly sophisticated to hunt rabbits. It’s strong and lightweight, with a fine structure. Physics is quite durable.

The average size of males is 19 to 22 inches, while the average size of females is 19 to 20 inches.

The average weight of the breed is from 39 lbs to 60 lbs.

HEAD: strong term, medium width.

NOSE: snout long, pointed, black, very developed.

LIPS: cover the lower jaw.

EYES: always dark, medium size, not round.

EARS: almost straight, Y-shaped, little bit twisted, set high.

NECK: long, strongly associated with the shoulders, slightly arched in the upper part.

TAIL: medium length, slightly like a brush, well worn.

FRONT LEGS: vertical, straight, parallel.

CLUTCHES: are not completely round, the fingers move away from each other.

SKIN: white with black spots.

FUR: basic color is white, allowed all shades from orange to black.

Harrier - appearance


Harrier is a very lively and joyful. It is durable in the field but does not like too many difficulties.

Harrier - character

It is very playful and affectionate during the game with the youngest. It has a calm nature, not easily upset. It is therefore recommended for children. But his character is primarily oriented towards nature, hunting and adventures in the woods. According to strangers is quite reserved but not aggressive. It takes some time to gain your trust.

Harrier - character 1


Harrier’s not very popular as a home dog. But can fit into life with a family that loves adventure and nature. He needs regular exercise, walking or running. However on this occasion can wander for another animal, so you always have to keep an eye on.

For training the dog you have to arm yourself with patience and determination. Can be quite stubborn, or just his thoughts wander. On this occasion it seems like it does not listen to you. Especially if it is focused on something else.Can live in various climatic conditions, if he has warm shelter during the night.

                          HARRIER SEEN BY CHILDREN

Harrier - adaptation


Harrier does not require too much time to brush. The coat is easily maintained, so it takes a minimum of time. Just need occasional brushing to remove dead hair.

Harrier - health (puppies)

When it comes to this breed, not separated neither frequent nor rarer disease. This means that the breed is very healthy. Even there is no need for periodic checks by a vet.

The lifespan of the breed is 10 to 12 years.

Harrier - health

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