Muscular, with a great look, very compact. He loves the game, the action and the challenges of nature. This is Hamiltonstovare and you will love him.


Hamiltonstovare is also known under the name of Sweedish Fowhound. Originates from Sweden at the 14th century. But he was not much popular.

He became famous thanks to Patrick Hamilton in the 19th century.

Hamiltonstovare - history

It was named after the Swedish earl Hamilton, founder of the Swedish Kennel Club. It was first exhibited in 1886, as pointed out with a fantastic hunting capabilities. Therefore, it became known in England.

Hamiltonstovare was created with the mixing of English Foxhounds, Holstein hound and beagle.

Today is the most popular hunting dog in Sweden.



Hamiltonstovare is a dog of medium size. It has an elegant, very impressive appearance. Very muscular and athletic.

Females reach a height of 19 to 22 inches, while the ideal height is 20.8 inches.

Males reach a height of 21 to 24 inches, while the ideal height is 22.4 inches.

Weight is in the range of 23 to 29.5 pounds.

HEAD: oval, rectangular, clear contours. Moderately broad skull.

MUZZLE: strong, straight top line and parallel to the skull.

NOSE: well developed, broad nostrils.

EYES: clear, dark brown color.

TEETH: scissor bite with well-spaced teeth.

NECK: long, muscular, elastic, with taut skin.

BODY: medium long, hard, with gently rounded rear end. Muscular stomach, slightly tucked.

FRONT LEGS: straight, parallel. Muscular shoulders, well appressed to chest and back.

REAR LEGS: straight, parallel, muscular thighs, broad seen from the side.

FEET: strong, tight toes, pads well developed, flexible.

TAIL: set high, reaching the hock, wide at the base, tapering at the top.

HAIR: top coat thick, coarse and lying flat. Undercoat short, dense and soft. Plenty of hair           between the toes and pads.

COLOR: top of the neck, back and upper side of tail black. The brown required on the head,         legs and underside of neck, body and tail. The white color on the nose, chest, tip of         tail and paws. Mixing colors is not allowed.

Hamiltonstovare - appearance


Hamiltonstovare is very stable and muscular. Ideal hunting dog, always ready for action, to demonstrate their ideal skills. Bold and passionate hunter. When he senses a wild animal, ignoring everything else that was going on around him. Totally focused on the trail.

He loves to bark and even likes to hear himself.

In addition to the above, Hamiltonstovare is a good house dog. If you wish to buy one, you need to provide him a good socialization and training. He needs a strong hand, because the dog is quite stubborn and not easy to educate. During the training it takes a lot of praise and awards.

Hamiltonstovare - character 1

Socialization is necessary while he is still small, in order to achieve the required psychological development.

He is very lively and it is necessary daily walk or play. He is very sociable and the company of other animals is not a problem. For the work is an ideal dog.

Hamiltonstovare - character


Hamiltonstovare can be a good family dog. If you have a garden or an enclosed space where to move, you have done half the job. Or otherwise prepare yourself for long walks, jogging and playing a lot.

His suit all weather conditions. Likes to swim, but deep snow will not pose a problem.

They are very adaptable to all conditions of life and to any environment. Only if he is sufficiently active. Does not like loneliness, and numerous families will not mind. If his life is based on the farm, believe you fulfilled his life’s desire. Plenty of space, nature, animals and its owner. The ideal environment for Hamiltonstovare.


Hamiltonstovare - adaptation


Hamiltonstovare is easy to maintain. He needs daily brushing with glove and wiping of fur to maintain required gloss.

Bath is recommended only when needed. For frequent bathing with shampoos, dries out the skin and prevents the absorption of the natural oils from the fur.

Hamiltonstovare - health ( puppies )

Hamiltonstovare has a problem with the ear infection, like most hunting dogs. Therefore, it is necessary to clean from time to time.

Of the common health problems only notable is dislocation of the knee, while the rare is sensitivity of the skin.

All total, Hamiltonstovare is quite healthy dog with few health problems.

Life expectancy is about 12 years.

Hamiltonstovare - health

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