Perfect guardian family and your property can certainly be Giant Schnauzer. It not only looks dangerous but actually can be a loyal protector.

Giant Schnauzer: History

Giant Schnauzer many years was known as the Munich band since emerged around Munich. There are assumptions that were created by crossing short coats cattle drovers and shepherds coarse hair, or crossing Great Danes and Flemish herdsmen. For the first time appeared on the dog show in Munich, where he named the Russian bear schnauzer. There were about thirty copies in the exhibition and very attract the attention of visitors. Therefore, it is already next month based schnauzer club in Munich.

                       Giant Schnauzer: Video

Popularity was not so great like at the miniature schnauzer or medium, and slow extinction of species followed. However, during the First World War, this breed has proved very useful. After the Second World War, the breed lovers have tried to preserve and increase the breed Giant Schnauzer. Thus, the popularity grew steadily and today it is often seen in the homes.

Giant Schnauzer - history

Giant Schnauzer: Appearance and Anatomy

Giant Schnauzer is a big and strong dog. They have quite aggressive and dangerous look. They wake esteem at people. Especially the head, which makes it an impressive instance.

Male size: 26-28 inch Female size: 23-26 inch

Male weight: 60-79 lb Female weight: 55-75 lb

HEAD: an elongated, strong, adapted to dog’s weight, facial expressions,

EYES: oval, dark, directed view

EARS: evenly cut, not cropped in the shape of the letter “V”

MUZZLE: strong, ending with a blunt wedge, black

JAWS: powerful, complete, scissor bite

NECK: strongly set, shows the great strength of the dog

LEGS: front powerful, highly developed, the rear set at a right angle, muscular thighs

TAIL: set high, it is carried in accordance with the temperament of the dog, snapped behind the third vertebra

COAT: sharp, sharp undercoat, long beard, and eyebrows

COLOR: black or pepper-salt, there is no white markings

Giant Schnauzer - appearance

Giant Schnauzer: Character and Behavior

Giant Schnauzer is a very intelligent dog. This is primarily a working dog. With enough practice can be very quiet. Reliable in every situation, brave, bold and energetic. It is very attached to his owner, offers love in every moment and until his death he is a devoted to family in which he lives. These dogs are great watchdogs and maximum hard.

Giant Schnauzer - character

Giant Schnauzer: Adaptation and Conditions of Life

Giant Schnauzer is a dog that needs daily physical activity. This need can be met in several ways. A walk on a leash, energetic running, and playing. Exceptional ability to nurture and dressage the dog, in the easiest possible way. He needs a rigorous, consistent and calm handler with the reward of obedience. The aim of the training must be set up authorities to dog understand that you are the pack leader. With quality training, Giant Schnauzer can be prevented itself an ideal pet. It can live outside in temperate to cold climates. But it would be best if you are able to provide him with a quiet place under the roof.

Giant Schnauzer - adaptation

Giant Schnauzer: Health Problems and Care

Giant Schnauzer has a coat that requires brushing once or twice a week. Haircut and design should be done four times a year in the professional groomer saloon. Especially if your dog prepares for the exhibition.

Giant Schnauzer - health 1

Of the common health problems occurring only coronary artery disease, while less frequent reports of obsessive-compulsive disorder and tailor stomach.

Occasionally should control the hips.

Life expectancy of the Giant Schnauzer breed is 10-12 years.

Giant Schnauzer - health

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