Galgo Espanol is a special dog in many ways. Superior racing ability and great hunting ability. Beautifully constructed and unique.


Galgo Espanol is a very ancient breed. Have always been favorites of the Spanish nobility. It is believed to have come from the Phoenicians. It came to Spain with the invasion of the Celts. But there is another assumption, which is that originates from slughy from the Iberian Peninsula.

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Spaniards for many years used them for hunting. To improve the ability were mixed with Greyhound breed. All in order to improve speed and reduce weight. But these improvements are inspired dog lovers to engage them in the race. Shortly thereafter, his value in the hunt quickly disappears and becomes a real sports star. It has great significance for the Spanish culture and tradition as a companion of the Spanish aristocracy. In the Spanish village of Galgo they are still used for hunting.

Galgo Espanol - history


Galgo Espanol is quiet and powerful dog. It has a well-developed muscles and could be said to belong to the class of larger dogs. There is Galgo Espanol with short and long hair.

The average size of males is from 26 to 28 inches, while the average size of females is from 24 to 27 inches.

Male weight ranges from 59.5 to 66 lb, while the weight of females ranges from 50 to 55 lb.

HEAD: long, narrow between the ears.

MUZZLE: strong, thin lips, strong teeth, scissor bite.

EYES: large, dark, color harmonized with the color of the coat.

EARS: thin, set high, placed in the back, half downcast.

NECK: thin, flat, long and muscular.

TAIL: long, thin, with dotted late, reaching the hock.

LEGS: long, dry, straight, well-muscled, parallel with the body.

SKIN AND HAIR: short or long, fine.

COLOR: cinnamon, chestnut-brown, red, black, brindle with white, a combination of these colors.

Galgo Espanol - appearance


Galgo Espanol is quiet, calm and gentle dog. Seems very gentle, but is full of strength and energy. The biggest feature of this dog is speed. It is especially capable in the hunt, where it behaves fearlessly and effectively. According to others is quite suspicious and reserved. But on the other hand highlights the pride and stubbornness.

Galgo Espanol - character 1

It is extremely intelligent dog, with a specific temperament. In dressage, it is possible to listen to commands which it considers to make sense. That stands out the high level of expressed personality. This does not mean that it is impossible to establish discipline, but it is a very clever dog. The elegance is complemented by this behavior. Nowadays it is very rare breed, although there are breeders who strive to maintain the existence of this breed.

Galgo Espanol - character


Galgo Espanol is very loyal and devoted to family in which lives. Needs a lot of movement during the day and it is preferable that the owner has a yard. However, can be adapted slightly to the conditions of life in an apartment, with daily walks and running. If it is hey used only for hunting, it is used on a limited space. If used for the race, then the daily practice is mandatory.

Galgo Espanol is a breed that can be put together with other animals or dogs. Has no aggressive nature and does not enter the argument and problems. Can agree with children because it loves active play. It does not tolerates low temperatures, so it is not desirable that night carried out in the open.

                      GALGO ESPANOL SEEN BY CHILDREN

Galgo Espanol - adaptation


Galgo Espanol is a fairly healthy breed. Hair need to brush every day as to keep the shine and a certain level of quality. From frequent health problems are not distinguished by any, and of rarer appear limb fractures and dislocation of the knee.

Galgo Espanol - health (puppies)

Occasionally it is advisable to check your hips and eyes. What should be noted at breed Galgo Espanol, that are extremely sensitive to anesthesia.

The lifespan of the breed Galgo Espanol is 12-15 years.

Galgo Espanol - health

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