An interesting and very special dog in many ways is the French Bulldog. When we say interesting primarily refers to the appearance and movement.

French Bulldog: History

French Bulldog with his ridiculous appearance was relatively favorite of many great historical figures. First of all, the King Edward VII like this breed. It is a descendant of the little bulldog who is not known whether is English breed who was transferred to France Nottingham lace makers in the 19th century or it was brought from Spain.

                   FRENCH BULLDOG: VIDEO

But still, most considered to be the ancestor of a small English bulldog is a draw on the old bronze plaque on which is the dog that looks like a French Bulldog. On this panel, said: “Dogue de Burgos, Espana 1625”. The first club was founded French Bulldog in the UK in 1902. Ten years later the breed was recognized by the British Kennel Club. Already in 1913 at the dog show in New York was attended by more than 100 copies.

French Bulldog - history

French Bulldog: Appearance and Anatomy

French Bulldog is a small to medium-sized dog. The compact dog with strong muscles. They are quite compact and powerful. In short, small and short penetrating dog.

Male size: 12 inch Female size: 11 inch

Male weight: 29 lb Female weight: 24 lb

HEAD: very strong, broad, square

EYES: vigorous, deep-set, away from the ears, dark-colored, large

EARS: medium size, wide at the base, at the top rounded

MUZZLE: symmetrical nostrils, well opened, directed backward

JAWS: symmetrical nostrils, well opened, directed backward

NECK: short, slightly arched

LEGS: front legs straight and vertical, rear legs strong and muscular

PAWS: very compact

COAT: beautiful, thick, shiny and soft

COLOR: uniformly fawn, brindle, with limited patterns, allowed all shades of color, from red to white

French Bulldog - appearance

French Bulldog: Character and Behavior

French Bulldog is an active, playful and alert dog. It is very attached to his owner, who is connected quickly and easily. From that moment constantly wants to be with him. They are very jealous and do not like to spend time alone. But are very quiet and do not bark often. Particular attention is paid to children, according to which is extremely gentle.

French Bulldog - character

French Bulldog: Adaptation and Conditions of Life

French Bulldog can at the same time to be a house dog, guard dog, and dog in the village. But no problems adapting to life in an apartment. As for physical activity are not too demanding, even though they say that love fun and play. Enjoy jumping in the yard. I do not tolerate very well the warm and humid weather. Many do not know how to swim. It is a sufficient daily short walk. French Bulldog cannot sleep outside. They are prone to snoring and drooling.

French Bulldog - adaptation

French Bulldog: Health Problem and Care

The coat care is minimal, but they need every day to clean the creases on his face. If this is not done regularly can be certain infections.

French Bulldog - health

From frequent health problems are connected nostrils, elongated soft palate, problems with the spine etc. From some rarer problems stand out coronary artery disease, dislocation of the knee and entropy.

Occasionally it is necessary to check the hips, elbows, and eyes.

The lifespan of the breed French Bulldog is from 9-11 years.

French Bulldog - health 1

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