Finnish Lapphund is a bit like a wolf or a snow dog. May seem dangerous but it can be and a real pet. A true friend in good and in bad.


Finnish Lapphund is a very ancient breed. According to some data, as long as there is a greyhound in Asia. On the territory of Norway, archaeologists have unearthed a skeleton which is considered to belong to this dog. Age is about 7000 years old.

It comes from Lapland and northern parts of Sweden, Norway and Finland. He was in charge of guarding herds of deer of Lapland tribes from predators.

Finnish Lapphund - history

During and after the Second World War, this breed has become threatened. In 1600 he introduced the breeding program, to save the breed.

According to some data, the world currently has about 1,400 specimens of this dog. They live in the territory from which they derive.

It is recognized by the International Kennel Club in 1944.Today, it is popular in Great Britain and Scandinavia.

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Finnish Lapphund has a strong and long body. Has a rectangular format, slightly below the medium-sized, with a good physique and posture. It moves easily, has a good step forward and pushing off the ground.

The height is in the range of 16 to 20 inches, while the weight is in the range of 41 lbs to 46 lbs.

HEAD: length greater than the width of the skull, rounded.

MUZZLE: longer than one third of the head, well filled, tapering towards the nose, the nose straight, dark color.

EYES: set horizontally, away, big, brown or dark brown.

EARS: well separated, short, pointed, rounded , wide at the base, very mobile.

TEETH: scissor bite, well-developed teeth.

NECK: medium length, strong.

BODY: well integrated, longer than the height at the withers, strong back, muscular and flexible.

FRONT LEGS: straight, strong and parallel.

REAR LEGS: at a right angle, muscular, provide good movement.

FEET: strong, oval shaped with well separated toes, strong pads.

TAIL: set high, bushy, with long thick hair, carried curled.

FUR: thick, standing upright, basically finely twisted, short on the head, chest and the long tail. Long hair forming a collar.

COLOR: has the advantage bear brown. Other colors are black, brown, combination of black and brown. A preferred one color.

Finnish Lapphund - appearance


Finnish Lapphund is a dog with a lot of energy that should be spent. Requires long walks and jogging outdoors. These are conditions that must be met in order to dog remained in good physical condition.

Due to the thick fur, well-tolerated all weather conditions. Excellent adapts to all conditions of life. It can live outdoors with adequate, furnished shelter. However, great will cope at home in urban living conditions.

Finnish Lapphund - character

If you live in an apartment need a daily walk, play and preferably walking in nature. Finnish Lapphund is very attached to the family and always ready to follow the members wherever they go. He does not like to be alone in the house.

It is suitable for training as a very fast learner. Goes well with other dogs and is a true friend of children. Always barking to announce the visit, but will not react aggressively. It is very durable dog and always likes to be occupied with something.


Finnish Lapphund - adaptation


Finnish Lapphund has thick fur that is not difficult to maintain. Requires weekly brushing and occasional bathing. Shed seasonally, but only at that time requires more attention. Then regularly need to be removed dead hair.

Finnish Lapphund - health (puppies)

Finnish Lapphund is prone to epilepsy and hip dysplasia. Genetic are very healthy dogs, because they have never bred in large numbers within the breed.It is recommended periodic inspection of the eyes.

The lifespan of the breed is from 9 to 15 years.

Finnish Lapphund - health

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