If you want an independent, lovable and very loyal dog, then the right choice is Field Spaniel. Quickly learn and react quickly to the boss’s voice.


Field Spaniel is formed by mixing the three breeds of dogs. These are the Cocker Spain, Sussex Spaniel and English water Spaniel. As a race are known in the 19th century, when they began to develop.

Field Spaniel - history

In the 20th century lost its purpose of hunting dog, and the breed was in danger of extinction. But again mixing with the English Springer Spaniel, the breed was saved. The work was successful and has created a superb hunting dog. Exhibited in the late 19th century, but there was no champion in the period from 1916 until 1966.

1800 year is recorded as the year of origin of this breed.

Today in America, the breed almost extinct and is one of the rarest breeds.



Field Spaniel is natural sporting dog, in a way, was born for the exhibition. It has a medium size, it weighs a little more than Cocker. It is very clever in the hunt with a balanced and solid structure.

Females reach a height of 16.5 inches and males from 17 to 18.5 inches.

HEAD: beautiful, noble, well-developed.

EARS: moderately long, placed rather low, covered with wavy hair.

NECK: long, muscular, slim.

EYES: almond-shaped, chestnut brown or hazel.

MUZZLE: the usual size, big nose with open nostrils.

BODY: long and low, standing upright or slightly bent.

HAIR: silk, one color, wavy, medium-long, waterproof.

COLORS: one color, red or brown, black, liver brown, gold, mahogany.

TAIL: cut, bent between legs.

LEGS: abundantly hairy.

FEET: rounded.

Field Spaniel - appearance


Field Spaniel is a working dog but also a good dog for the family. An excellent choice for a hunting dog. They are very patient while playing with the children, but they need a permanent hobby. Always like to be close to your family and get along well with other dogs. Characterized as a good-natured dog, intelligent but a little stubborn. On the other hand it is very temperamental and loves to play.

Field Spaniel - character 1

While staying in the house, this dog is quite calm and do not make trouble. Kind according to any unknown person. If they were too tedious for some, only withdraw. It is recommended to get used to other animals while they’re young.

He is active and energetic, and therefore need to constantly go for a walk. They are happy when they have any tasks. Dressage has to be persistent but gentle. Dislikes noise and harshness in the game or in training.

Field Spaniel is able to completely devote to family, so everything else is excluded from life.

Field Spaniel must have constant contact with people, otherwise it becomes nervous.

Field Spaniel - character


Field Spaniel easily and quickly adapt to living conditions. Because of his hunting instinct, it is necessary to always be in a fenced area. Therefore, the yard of the house will be the ideal solution.

Indoor space is not a problem, if the family is present.

All needs can be met by walking on a leash.

Field Spaniel can live outside in temperate climates. But the shelter is supposed to be warm. Best is a combination of inside and outside.

They love human company, however, should not be deprived of that pleasure. Because they can be converted into a sad dog, without the will to play.


Field Spaniel - adaptation


Field Spaniel is susceptible to certain health problems. These problems are cataract, atrophy and dysplasia. According to research of experts, the primary cause of death for the Field Spaniel is a cancer, and second age.

From frequent illness occurs coronary artery disease, while rarely are external otitis and dislocation of the knee.

Field Spaniel - health (puppies)

It is recommended periodic inspection of hips and eyes.

The coat requires brushing once or twice a week, while trimming is recommended once a year. Cleaning the ears should be frequently and regularly.

What’s interesting for the Field Spaniel, is that they often snore while sleeping.

The lifespan of breed Field Spaniel is from 12 to 14 years.

Field Spaniel - health

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