Small lively, hairy dog named English Springer Spaniel is very sweet and irresistible to all lovers of happy dogs.


English Springer Spaniel is the oldest race of spaniel. First records date back to the XIV century. Originator of all other spaniel breeds. An English doctor mentions it in his book in 1576 year.

English Springer Spaniel - history

Club for this breed was established in 1921 in England, although it gained popularity long before that. Springer name is derived from the English word “spring”, which means “to cause a sudden onset.” In the case in these dogs word “appearance” refers to the appearance of animals.



English Springer Spaniel is a very compact dog, of medium size. Not too easy, but not too heavy. It has been developed chest while holding must be proud and straight. The height from the withers should be equal to the length from the withers to the back. The high is about 20 inches.

There are two types of race Springer. The first is FIELD, grown mainly for hunting and other BENCH is grown mainly for the exhibition.

HEAD AND SKULL: medium length, proportionally broad, slightly rounded. The cheeks are flat, muzzle with correct length in relation to the skull, broad in proportion. Well developed nostrils.

EYES: medium size, dark brown in color, well placed, careful expression. Light eyes are not acceptable. 

EARS: take the form of lobe, good length and width, set at eye level, hairy.

TEETH: strong jaw with a perfect and scissor bite.

NECK: good length, strong and muscular, slightly arched, while tapering towards head.

BODY: strong, medium size, perfect roundness of ribs, muscular flanks.

FRONT LEGS: straight, strong.

REAR LEGS: broad, muscular thighs, strong knees and ankles, while loose are undesirable.

CLUTCHES: compact, sealed, filled with strong pads.

TAIL: set on low, never above the top line, very lively, can not be docked.

HAIR: dense, smooth, resistant to all weather conditions, medium coat.

COLORS: white, black and brown colors.

English Springer Spaniel - appearance


English Springer Spaniel is a moderate and gentle dog, but with a lot of energy. Social with people, children but also with other dogs. His intelligence is at a high level. They belong to a very docile breed with developed skills. Easy to train. They love to play outdoors, never get bored. They want more time to spend with the owner, which is processed very vigorously. If they stay for a long time alone, know how to rebel. With barking. Expressed dissatisfaction in their own way. While they are small, this breed needs a firm hand and unwavering word. Because in this age can be quite stubborn and disobedient. But persistence will be rewarded.

English Springer Spaniel - character 1

When you take him hunting, it is very persistent in looking for wildlife. But the result is always positive. Intelligence comes to the fore. It is equally good on all terrains. Excellent fetch. With great deft expels animals. It is very popular in Europe and America.

English Springer Spaniel - character


English Springer Spaniel is not suitable for living in the apartment. More suits him the yard, at least of medium size. Then with no problem can expel energy. They love open space. English Springer Spaniel is ready all day to run around. It is therefore ideal for rural living conditions. After long walks or runs, it will always fall asleep peacefully.

Swimming is a great passion for this breed, so you have to pay attention when you are near water.

Requires combing several times a week.


English Springer Spaniel - SAJT


English Springer Spaniel easy gain the weight, so you should pay attention to nutrition. They have problems with hip dysplasia, epilepsy and sight.

What is important to mention that the English Springer Spaniel has problems with rabies. Suddenly can run wild. This disease occurs from the first or second year. But if it shows a small dose of aggression, does not necessarily mean that they are sick. This is part of their character.

English Springer Spaniel - puppies

Among other common diseases, the English Springer Spaniel is susceptible to external otitis, coronary artery disease.

Less common diseases are entropion, skin fragility, torsion of the stomach.

Life expectancy is 10 to 14 years.

At the exhibition belong to the group Sporting.

English Springer Spaniel - health

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