English Cocker Spaniel is a typical family dog, with a lively character and always cheerful nature. An excellent choice to cheer your child.


English Cocker Spaniel was first mentioned in some of the records from the fourteenth century. 500 years later were divided into seven types. They used them for hunting with falcons, on woodcocks and smaller birds.

English Cocker Spaniel - history

Although the English Kennel Club recognized the breed 1892 year, originates from Spain.

At 1940 year, American Kennel Club admitted English Cocker Spaniel for a special breed and separating it from the American breed. The name comes from the English word “woodcock” which is one type of bird.

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English Cocker Spaniel has a strong body, whose body parts together are very harmoniously. It has a medium size.

The dog is fine balanced and certainly not rude.

There are two types: field and forest.

The average size of males is from 6 to 7 inches, and the average size of females is from 5 to 6 inches.

The average weight of males ranges from 61 lbs to 75 lbs, while the average weight of females is from 57 lbs to 70 lbs.

HEAD: square, long, with strong rate.

MUZZLE: square, well developed.

CLUTCHES: strong, with a perfect scissor bite, teeth standing vertically.

EYES: large, dark brown or brown, with intelligent expression.

EARS: relaxed, set at eye level, well covered with hair.

NECK: medium length, muscular, well connected with the shoulders.

FRONT LEGS: strong bones, straight, sufficiently short for a strong movement.

REAR LEGS: wide, well rounded, very muscular.

BODY: powerful, compact, well-developed.

FEET: solid, like feline, fat pads.

TAIL: Set below the line, always on the move, standing straight, docked, but not too short.

FUR: straight, silky.

COLOR: different, with the single color white is not permitted.

English Cocker Spaniel - appearance


English Cocker Spaniel is a hardy, cheerful and agile dog. Very gentle and sensitive. Must be trained very carefully.

Relentless in his ideas, a lot of brave and hardy. The sense of smell is much more developed. Proved in the hunt in marshy areas and in the woods.

English Cocker Spaniel - character 1

Particularly noteworthy is the one feature in this dog. Constantly wagging tail. It is constantly on the move and loves any activity.

Easy to train, because he is a fast learner. He loves playing in water or swimming. He can not stand very well the elevated tone or rudeness. Therefore, the coach must be careful and consistent.

Excellent and very carefully behave towards children and other dogs and animals.To people is completely non-aggressive and peaceful.

English Cocker Spaniel - character


English Cocker Spaniel is the ideal dog for companionship, and family is a true place of his residence.Demand regularly walk or a game in the nature.

If you have a cat in the apartment and are planning to get a English Cocker Spaniel, there will be no problem. Will agree, because cats do not bother him. It is easily adapted to situations in family and living conditions. But we should not forget that they are still hunting dogs and need physical activity. If you are near water, do not be surprised if your pet happily jumped and swam.

There is no problem with the fact that he is left alone in the house for a while. But sometimes they know to bark, so you must check how react the neighbors. It can live outdoors in warm climates, but prefers to sleep in the apartment.


English Cocker Spaniel - adaptation


English Cocker Spaniel has a coat of medium length, and need brushing two to three times a week. The hair around the head, ears, feet and tail should be regularly trimmed. At least every two months. He is prone to ear infections, so it is necessary to clean the ears once a week.

English Cocker Spaniel - health (puppies)

From frequent illness occurs progressive atrophy of the cornea, while from the rarer disease occurs cataract, coronary artery disease, familial nephropathy, glaucoma and cardiomyopathy. Occasionally it is advisable to test hearing, eyes, hips and knees. The lifespan of the breed English Cocker Spaniel is from 12 to 14 years.

English Cocker Spaniel - health

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