Experts believe that the breed can be divided according to the social class and origin. They can be subdivided into Dogs and Society.


Dogs have always been intimate with people. They played an important role in the creation and development of human communities. But, have you ever wondered what environment they lived several centuries ago, the ancestors of your pet. According to experts, the breed can be divided according to certain criteria.

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Many of today’s breed, was created and designed in an environment rich strata of society. These are animals that are kept for centuries wealthy circles for fun, hunting or recreation. These breeds were created in the courts of the rulers and the wealthy estates of powerful nobles. Some small breeds are used for entertainment, such as the dwarf species of Bichon, Maltese, and Caniche. Their role was to play his party owners. Holding a small dog in her lap was very popular. There is much evidence where pop stars and rich people, on the red carpet in her arms hold the dog. Hunting dogs are centuries mingle with the social elite. Education has emerged as a need for man to catch wild animals. But also fashionable and needs nobles to entertain with the hunting of game.

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For centuries, people have tried to properly crossbreed. To get to the animals that will be the ideal friend and associate. Specific categories of dogs occurred in elite circles. These are the famous racing dogs. Racing dogs were very popular and one of the favorite pastimes. Some traces have been preserved and today. In order to create a rapid man and agile dog hounds were formed. Especially prominent Greyhound. They were the main source of entertainment and a regular companion for walks.

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On the other hand, far from rich castles and nobles lived the poorer population. Livestock was the only and main source of income. There are not fit dogs that did not matter the speed, talent hunt, aesthetics, and posture. But the ability to keep herds, gathering cattle and defense against predators. Appreciate the dog’s courage, loyalty, and strength. Farmers from Europe and Asia have created many breeds of shepherd dogs. Puppies are bred not only to watch but to be fearless fighters, who will not hesitate to confront the wolves and bears. So they created a sort of superior breeds such as German Shepherd, Collie, Chien de Berger Belge and Carpathian Dog. Times have changed, but these dogs are and now a brave, obedient and durable. Many pets become surrounded by tenderness and love. Accustomed to a quiet and comfortable living in warm homes.

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In contrast to the mountain pastures, the urban population had a very slightly different way of life. Life in the cities once was spacious and decorated as it is today. Large settlements were overcrowded and a lot of dirty and messy. This is the ideal environment for the emergence of life and rodents. People needed a dog that will not defend themselves against pests, stray dogs, and other aggressive animals. Thus emerged a new round of guard dogs that are distinguished by reliability, loyalty, and devotion to family. In this environment, unrestricted and uncontrolled crossing formed the most numerous breed in the world, they are mongrels. They represent a remarkable genetic cocktail of different breeds that modern DNA analysis difficult to detect.

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