Doberman Pinscher is well known as a powerful black dog with brown markings on his chest. It is very popular, especially for those who need a fearsome dog.


Doberman Pinscher originated in the XVIII century in Germany, mixing the old German shepherd and German pinscher. Later, to these breeds were added the Manchester Terrier, Greyhound and Weimaraner. They created a powerful breed called the Doberman Pinscher. This is thanks to Luis Doberman from Turing, who managed the barn for abandoned and captured dogs.

Doberman Pinscher - history

The breed has evolved so quickly, so the first club was founded already in 1899. Fame, spread rapidly, and the dog arrived in America in 1908.It was used as a police dog, but also as a faithful protector of the family.

Many families have opted for this pet. Therefore, in 1977, it became the second most popular dog in America.

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Doberman Pinscher with the appearance shows pride, strong character and dominance. It is considered the leader of Pinschers. With good height has a resolute and proud walk.

It was built in line and forms an ideal anatomical harmony. It has a very powerful, athletic and muscular body of medium size.

The average height of the male is 26 to 28 inches, while the average height of females is 24 to 26 inches.

The average weight of males is from 77 lbs to 99 lbs, while the average weight of females is from 66 lbs to 88 lbs.

HEAD: strong, long, wedge-shaped, strongly developed musculature.

NOSE: nose well developed, broad, with large aperture, black or something lighter.

JAW: good proportions in relation to the skull, well developed, deep, good width.

TEETH: strong, scissor, normal size.

EYES: medium-sized, oval, dark.

EARS: Set high, carried high, cropped, proportional to the length of the head, medium size.

NECK: good length, strong, appealing bent, proud posture.

BACK: short, strong, firm.

TAIL: set high, docked short, stay two vertebrae.

FRONT LEGS: stand straight, strongly developed.

REAR LEGS: rounded with strong muscles, right and parallel.

CLUTCHES: short, closed, short fingers.

SKIN: good fitting, well pigmented.

FUR: short, sharp, dense, fitting tightly.

COLOR: black or dark brown, with a clean markings. It is located on the jaw, cheeks, above the fangs, throat, the chest, paws and the inside of the thigh.

Doberman Pinscher - appearance


Doberman Pinscher is very determined dog. Once filled the fifth month of age, try to express their will with growl. Such behavior must be immediately suppressed. No brutality, but with a firm hand. When he again impose its will, it becomes obedient, docile and very attached to his owner.

It is intelligent, fearless, brave and can be very aggressive towards uninvited guests.

Doberman Pinscher - character 1

Doberman Pinscher is a very affectionate dog and loves children. If it feels that any member of the family is threatened in some way, is ready to show teeth. However this does not happen often.

Generally get along well with other pets, but can show dominance. For any provocation, it will not withdrawn.

Doberman Pinscher - character


Doberman Pinscher is a very active dog, so it needs daily mental and physical activity. Otherwise, they can become frustrated and destructive. The needs can be satisfied with longer walk, with occasional jogging or strenuous running in an enclosed space.

Can live outside in temperate climates. But it will be much more effective guardian if stays at home with family members.

Easily adapts to all conditions of life and represents a great pet.

If it grows up in a healthy environment, will never be aggressive towards its owner and other people.


Doberman Pinscher - adaptation


Doberman Pinscher has a short coat, which allows easy care. Brushing is necessary but not often. This is healthy breed and regardless of size, dysplasia occurs rarely. Not recommended that much time spent on winter.

Doberman Pinscher - health (puppies)

Of the common health problems occurring: cervical vertebral anomalies and cardiomyopathy.

From the few health issues stands albinism.

Occasionally recommended periodic inspection of the heart and hips.

The lifespan of Doberman Pinscher is 10 to 12 years.

Doberman Pinscher - health

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