Dalmatian is one of the most recognizable dogs in his characteristic white fur with black or brown spots. A very active dog.


Dalmatian is a species that is formed on the Adriatic coast in Dalmatia. These are the beginnings of species. Today’s specimens are grown in the UK. Once upon a time, these dogs followed the chariot from the English aristocrat.

Dalmatian - history


The interest in this breed has increased in the world after the movie “101 Dalmatian” from 1959. But the real expansion appeared with the remake of this film from 1996.

Dalmatian - history


Dog is a medium-sized, powerful, with elegant appearance, recognizable by its distinctive black spots. It is characterized by strength, endurance, and speed.

Male size: 20-24 inch      Female size: 20-22 inch

Male weight: 55 lb         Female weight: 48 lb

HEAD: long enough, broadest between the ears

EYES: moderately well apart, medium size, round, bright, dark

EARS: high set, medium size, wide at the base, close to head

MUZZLE: long, powerful, never snippy

JAWS: strong with a perfect, scissor bite

NECK: moderately long, well set and easy

TAIL: reaches hock, strong at root, tapering at the end

LEGS: front perfectly straight and muscular, rear muscular and parallel

PAWS: round, firm, with elastic cushioning

COAT: short, hard, dense, smooth, glossy

COLOR: basic color white, black spots which must not exceed one another

Dalmatian - appearance


This is a heavy cuddly dog, very active, funny and sensitive dog. The main characteristics are strength, endurance, and speed. Many people trained them for hunting adventure, but it is also a good guardian and companion of a blind person. He can be very dominant and will certainly be times when he will try to take control and leadership. Bad behavior towards him rarely forgets and forgives difficult. Because of that harsh penalties are not recommended if the situation is not out of control.

Dalmatian - character


Dalmatian requires a lot of exercise and attention. Therefore, they need daily walks on a leash. But it is possible that these walks will not satisfy a good appetite for this dog. Therefore, it is an ideal companion for running or any sport. Although these dogs can live outside in temperate to warm climates, they need a warm and comfortable shelter. But before all of the people around them. Therefore, it is best to live in a house near the family who loves him. The existence of the yard would greatly facilitate the care of the Dalmatian.

Dalmatian - adaptation


Dalmatian dog is easy to cultivate and has a strong sense of cleanliness. The coat needs occasional brushing, to extract dead hair.

Dalmatian - health

Of the common health problems occurring deafness, while rarer reports of coronary artery disease and Von Willebrand disease. A special disadvantage of the breed is the inability to metabolize uric acid thereby creating urinary stone.

The lifespan of the breed is from 12-14 years.

Dalmatian - health 1

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