Dachshund is a small dog breed, but very nimble and agile. You will be amazed in every way, because he is the real source of power.


According to the most accurate information, many believe that the Dachshund originated in Germany. Obtained as a race mixing the Swiss Hound and Pinch. First was created a short coat, and then a long coat and wire-haired race. A long hair were created by mixing a short coat with Spanish and German Spaniel.

Dachshund 2 - history

It dates back to somewhere in the XVI century. Later in the XIX century was created haired Dachshund, mixing short coat, schnauzer, Dandie Dinmont terrier and Scottish terrier. In one of the pharaonic tombs were found the remains of a dog that most resembles the breed Dachshund.



Dachshund is a hunting dog. It is divided into three races depending on the size and weight. Those are:

– normal, with a maximum weight of 20 pounds.

– miniature, with a maximum weight of up to 9 pounds.

– rabbit, with a maximum weight to 7.5 pounds.

BODY: is set quite low to the ground, straight, long, with developed muscles and a large chest.

LEGS: short and very strong legs, strong bones, must be straight.

HEAD: resembles the head of pointers, with a pointed snout.

EARS: medium size, set high, low folded, hung without wrinkles.

EYES:very dark but also lively.

NECK: short and powerful, highly worn.

FEET: wide, round.

TAIL: placed in the extension of the back.


– short haired Dachshund: straight, shiny, very dense. It can be uniformly mono-colored or with combinations of black, brown, gray or white. There are parts with bright red, mainly on the lower parts of the legs. The third is a combination of multicolored Dachshund. It has a light brown, gray or white base color, with dark brown, red and black spots.

– sharply haired Dachshund: stubble, with distinct eyebrows and mustache. Can have all the colors

– long haired Dachshund: soft, silky and long hair. It can be mono-colored, two-colored or multi-colored.

Dachshund 3 - apperance


Dachshund is a serious dog, always poised and reliable. He has a strong heart and is always ready for action. Even opposes larger dogs without problems. Although it may cost him. Very easy dig the ground, because of the leg structures. They are very gentle and intelligent. Regardless of which type they have the same character. Always the optimist, never surrender. In many situations, will prove to be very protective of their masters. It’s full of energy, fun and always behaves like a happy dog. Therefore, it is a real pleasure to have a Dachshund.

Dachshund 4 - character 1

According to strangers is quite suspicious. Can show jealousy if his boss does not show enough attention.

He is willing to diligently kept the home. When barked, many will think that on the other side is a large dog. What is a good feature for a small dog.

Dachshund 4 - character 2


Dachshund is the ideal dog. Especially for homes with small children, as it is attentive and likes to play. Requires some physical activity during the day. Can be adapted to every environment.

He needs early socialization. Otherwise, it can be very independent, opinionated and stubborn. But if by the time you learn specific commands and discipline you’ll be amazed how much is committed.

With no problem can sleep in the yard at different temperatures, but it is the best to sleep in the house.

                                   DACHSHUND SEEN BY CHILDREN

Dachshund 5 - adaptation


Like any dog, Dachshund also has some health problems. Can have problems with curvature of the spine or pain. When filled fifth year happens to fall ill from paralysis of the last part of the body. It is herniated. It can be treated, but the therapy is long.

From other diseases, Dachshund races has problems with diabetes, deafness, gastric torsion and epilepsy.

Dachshund 6 - health 1

However one of the biggest problems is obesity. Therefore, care should be taken, how much and when you feed your pet.

The lifespan of Dachshund is 12 to 14 years.

Dachshund 6 - health 2

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