There are many common mistakes with dogs in training. Especially if you have no experience with this job. Some breeds are easier and some not to dressing.


The most common mistakes people used in the command “come”. When a dog goes to the garbage cans in the park, the child or another dog owners react angrily and threatening to pronounce the name of the dog or command. This often confuses the dog. What confuses him right? Probably threatening intonation, because the word you’ve spoken to recently meant an invitation to play and safety. Therefore, the dog creates confusion is justified. Another situation in which many owners of sins is when trying to prevent your pet that responds to the presence of another dog or a cat. Then the man mainly tightens the leash, holding the dog in the grip body and blocks the point in which the dog looked. This attitude of the owner can often cause contra-indications.

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However, this situation the dog sees the opposite, in relation to man. Leash the subject with which the belt makes contact with the man. When the dog toned give psychological support. In other words, the dog like we issued the command “watch”. Our body shows that we are directed towards the point at which the band is focused and thus further encourage the dog to reach the desired goal. In this situation, the dog thinks the owner is also interested in a cause in which he stared.

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Another thing that many people do wrong to eat with mild to whom the dog in some situations. The meaning of the word dog does not understand or indeed understand intonation with which we address. If you want to scold the dog a mild tone, he will take it as praise and encouragement. Thus we achieve a totally opposite result.

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The man often very innocuous situations cause a conflict with the dog. There are many examples where the unconscious wrong approach. It is, for example, hugging the dog, energetic dog catching a head when made to or by waving your hand in front of the eyes of the dog. On these ways we psychological impact on the dog, sort of threatening him, endangering him and he becomes confused. This game often ends in an unpleasant way. From his hands make prey or something that the dog should be hunted or screw. Wake up aggression and eventually ends with a dog bite on the hand, the desired to bite the trouser leg, growl us so etc.

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We should never forget that 90 percent of the animals perform communication with body movements and scent. Therefore, be aware of your body language when you are in front of the dog.

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