Known from movies about brave dogs, gained great popularity. Rough Collie is an intelligent dog and with excellent characteristics for a home dog.


Enough is unclear occurrence and the name of the breed Collie. Some evidence dating from the time of the Celts, the natives of the British Isles. According to this theory, the dogs were guarding the sheep, it is the name originated from the word “useful”. At the same time there were Collie with long rough and short hair. Separated by small differences in appearance. Interest among dog lovers slowly developed, so a lot of effort inverted in the development of the breed.

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The development is the most affected by the ancestor of “old Cockie”. He is responsible for the formation of monochrome dogs. This was in 1867. Queen Victoria has invested some finance, in order of popularity grew. But not only within the shepherds but in high society.

Breed standard was written in 1886, which describes the breed precisely what it is today. 1878 Queen Victoria brought two copies of the exhibition, which prompted America’s social elite to buy this breed. This popularity is transferred to the screen, where the Collie became one of the most famous dog actors. Known as Lassie.

Collie Rough - history


Rough Collie has a strong body structure and intelligent look. It has beauty and dignity. The body shows firmness, strength and activity. Not chunky and not a single characteristics of brutality in their appearance.

The average size of the male is in the range from 19 to 22 inches, while the size of the females is in the range from 19 to 20 inches.

The male ranges from 30 to 44 lb, and the weight of females ranging from 26 to 42 lb.

HEAD: smooth outside line, flat skull, tapering into a straight tench from the ears to the tip of the nose.

EYES: cuddly appearance, medium size, obliquely set, almond shaped and dark brown, intelligent expression, with cautious eyes.

EARS: small, stationary set back, the normal distance.

TEETH: good size, strong jaws, correct scissor bite, teeth standing vertically.

NECK: muscular, powerful, of good length, rounded.

REAR LEGS: muscular, tough, good joints.

PAWS: oval, on the rear paws somewhat longer and assembled to one another.

TAIL: long, reaching to hock, at rest carried relaxed, slightly arched at the top.

HAIR: very dense, smooth, hard to the touch, below the hair soft and very dense, fully covers the skin.

COLOR: three colors, carbon black, silver, blue, bright gold, satin-mahogany shaded carbon.

Collie Rough - appearance


Rough Collie is very intelligent dog. The English people believe that even possess a sense of humor. It is an excellent assistant in the conduct of police and blind people. It has a developed sense for family and it is very happy to spent time with family members. Loyal, devoted and affectionate dog. Requires a lot of attention and positive emotions from the owner. It is very loyal and because of gentle temperament, it goes well with older children. At the same time is a great shepherd’s dog, and without major problems can overcome the herd.

Collie Rough - character 1

Rough Collie very easy learn exercises and commands. Therefore, it is easy to train. Are persistent and has defensive stance. Never manifest aggression and any signs of nervousness.

Collie Rough - character


Rough Collie gets along well with children, but older. If you have smaller children, then this dog is not the best choice. Not recommended for living in an apartment or house. He needs a lot of space for free movement. But it can also interchangeable daily walks or running in nature. He’s used to running around open spaces, so he needs a lot of physical exercise. If closed in the apartment, we can notice the suffering. Life in the countryside, would be the ideal choice for Rough Collie. There will be overjoyed. It can live outdoors in temperate climates to fresh, but will be happier if the nights spent with you in the house.


Collie Rough - adaptation


The primary thing about a Rough Collie, the hair care. The job requires brushing every other day. During shedding even every day.

Collie Rough - health (puppies)

Of the common health problems appear ocular abnormalities, while less frequent are distichiasis and pio traumatic dermatitis. Sometimes it can be observed a progressive atrophy of the cornea, deafness and premature wear body. Occasionally it is necessary to check the eyes, ears and heart.

It should be noted that the Rough Collie sensitive to ivermectin.

The lifespan of the breed Rough Collie is from 8 to 12 years.

Collie Rough - health

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