Chihuahua appear in two varieties. Short-haired and long-haired. Both are cute, small, cozy and reminiscent of the tern. They are fast and fearless.


Chihuahua is the smallest breed in the world.

There are two theories about the origin of the breed. The first is that it comes from China, where it was brought to Europe by Spanish traders, which is later mixed with other small races.

Another theory is that the dog originated in Central and South America, where it is obtained from a local silent dog named Techichi dog. But most likely that a combination of these two theories, is the truth about the origin of the breed Chihuahua.

Chihuahua - history

Small dog Techichi is mixed with some Chinese species. Chinese dogs were brought after connecting the Bering Strait. When Cortez defeated the Aztecs in the sixteenth century, the little dogs were left to themselves. 300 years later, around 1850 were found three small dogs in Chihuahua, Mexico. Some of the dogs were taken to the United States. But when Xavier Cugat, the once king of rumba, appeared on stage with the Chihuahua, the breed’s popularity began to grow.

Today is one of the most popular breeds in the world. In addition to all the speculation, it is written that breed originates from Mexico.



Chihuahua is strong and sturdy dog, regardless of size. Has agile posture. It is intelligent and very lively. It acts as a gentle and dog with fragile anatomy, but still fearless and always ready to enter into the fire.

The average size of males is 6-9 inches, while the average size of females is from 6 to 7.5 inches.

The average weight of males is from 2 lbs to 6.5 lbs, while the average weight of females is from 2 lbs to 5.5 lbs.

HEAD: very tight, harmonic corresponding to the body.

MUZZLE: short, straight, narrow at the top, the upper and lower jaw parallel.

NOSE: symmetrical, proportional in relation to the nose, allowed all colors.

TEETH: scissor or pincer.

EYES: large, round, expressed, well away. Allowed all the color, specific ruby red color.

EARS: large, pointed up, at the root of the broad, pointed, outwardly soft, flexible and covered with hair.

NECK: medium in length, rounded.

BODY: very compact, the length of the body is greater than height, flat and horizontal back.

FRONT LEGS: strong, well placed.

REAR LEGS: muscular, long bones.

CLUTCHES: gentle, with a clearly defined fingers, oval, with strong nails.

TAIL: medium length, set on high, in the middle wider than in the root, highly elevated, gives harmony and balance.

FUR: at short-haired flat, allowed a little longer, well distributed, longer on neck and tail. For long-haired coat is long, silky and wavy, the tail is very thick and long, rich collar desirable.

COLOR: All colors are permitted. Appreciated the following colors: yellow-brown, chocolate brown, the color of sand, silver-brown, silver gray, black and brindle, yellow and brown.

Chihuahua - appearance


Chihuahua is a lapdog and constant pampering. They enjoy spending time with the owner. If you give him love, be sure that you will return the love. They love rubbing and scratching his chest and stomach.

The happiest is when is with the people or with the owner. There will always choose to sleep with you, although it is advisable to teach them where they belong.

Chihuahua - character 1

As for physical activity, it is enough to run around the house. He likes to run for the ball and finds and returns objects.

This is an excellent guard dog because it has sharp ears. He can not enter into physical confrontation, but there will always be alert to the presence of an unknown person. The real alarm system. It will not run toward strangers, because it is quite cautious and likes to evaluate the situation.

Chihuahua - character


Chihuahua is a great pet and friend. Adaptable to all climatic areas. Can be well adapted to any home, regardless of whether it is an apartment or house. If you live in a building only problem can be loud and shrill barking.

It is ideal as a pet for the elderly, who are not able to control the big dogs. They are not flexible with the people who are rough, no matter whether they are adults or children. It likes to make a mess at home. So if you prefer orderliness furniture and carpet, then the Chihuahua is not for you.

It should be kept away from small children, because a child can accidentally fall on the dog and cause him serious injury.

If you do not want to become aggressive, should be patrolling gently toward him. They enjoy playing in the yard or walk on a leash.

They are not dogs that can live outdoors.

                        CHIHUAHUA SEEN BY CHILDREN

Chihuahua - adaptation


Short-haired Chihuahua needs occasional brushing while long-haired require daily brushing.

Both types need to bathe once a month. Fingernails need to be shortened and ears cleaned regularly. Do not shed often, do not tolerate cold and very easy can lose body heat.

Chihuahua - health (puppies)

They are generally healthy breed. But some disease occurs: rheumatism, sprain knee, flu, eye diseases etc.

Require periodic inspection of eyes and heart.

The lifespan of the breed Chihuahua is 14-18 years.

Chihuahua - health

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