The right choice for lovers of lively dogs who like to socialize is certainly Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. A pleasant, with emotional sight and look.


Name Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is very closely related to King Charles II. He was so attached to their dogs that at one point was accused of neglecting the obligations of the kingdom. These little dogs are used as heaters of the legs. That’s why they are still called “comforter spaniels.” Before they got the current name, were known as dwarf spaniels. They probably were formed by mixing small spaniel with oriental midget races. Most were present in the homes of wealthy families.

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Appearance slowly changed and one rich American named Roswell Eldridge offered a substantial reward to whoever brought him the old race spaniel with a long snout. With the special selection was created a new race that is most reminiscent on dogs of King Charles II. Only in 1940 was officially registered under the name of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. 1996 was admitted to the American Kennel Club as a competitive race.



Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a small dog, but one of the biggest in the group. According to the standard can reach a height of 11.5 to 13 inches and a weight of 12 to 19 pounds.

EYE: very large and round, dark in color, but very nicely integrated into the shape of the face.

EARS: long, covered with long, silky hairs.

SKULL: mostly flat with a conical snout.

BODY: covered with long hair in different colors. These are: ruby or mahogany red, black and white, three colors (black, white and brown) and chestnut color on a white background.

TAIL: long, covered with hair, standing at the level of the back.

BACK: they are quite flat with a solid body and very elegant step.

The lifespan of race Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is from 9 to 14 years.

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a very cheerful and lively dog. It is always in a good mood, whose tail is constantly on the move. Recommended for socializing and a lot of happy. It has high intelligence and pronounced personality. Agile and likes to look for wildlife. Max is attached to his master, until he win the trust. Until that happens, it can be quite shy. He is interested in the environment. Always ready to play, walk, for adventure and new developments in the home or outside. He does not like rudeness, yelling and arguing. In such situations it is very sensitive. Mostly suits him harmony and stillness.

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King Charles Spaniel is a dog that requires plenty of pats and tenderness. Goes well with people and with other dogs. At which must be addressed is its innate hunting instincts. In walking, with no problem rushes for something that is interesting to him, but on this occasion can get hurt in traffic. Therefore, care must be taken. Lightly believes to other dogs. He can not distinguish which is aggressive and which is not. This can sometimes cost him serious injuries, which can cause higher and more powerful dog.

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is easily adapted to the home environment. Do not take up much space in the house. It is not problematic when it comes to behavior. People likes to much, especially children. He loves running and play activities. Therefore, it is considered an ideal dog for families with children.

If you work a lot I spend little time in the apartment, do not opt for the race King Charles Spaniel. Because loneliness is submitted very difficult. He has excellent vision and flair.

Although it is very fragile, it should not be too much hold in your lap or arms, because you can get frightened and partly aggressive dog that barks at his shadow.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


According to these facts, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel acts as an ideal dog. But still has its flaws. These are generally a variety of diseases. This little guy can have the following problems: microscopic venous invasion, arterial disease, dislocation of the patella, a hereditary eye disease, ear infections, problems with his back and an early hearing loss. It may seem quite daunting, but it is not so. Any disease can be controlled if detected in time. Therefore, check your dog at your nearest vet from time to time.

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Easy to put on weight so you should pay attention to how much food you prepare it.

At some King Charles Spaniel exists an innate heart problem that is revealed very early, so the dog does not survive long. Therefore, when purchasing your research about the history of parental illness.

It is recommended to regularly control the heart, hips, elbows and eyes.

Females should not mate before the age of five.

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