Bulldog, irresistible dogs recently found themselves in fourth place most popular breeds in America. It considers as a national symbol.


The ancestors of the Bulldog breed can be found in Molos, a fighting dog which is named after the tribe Molos. Specially bred to fight with bulls. It began in 1204. in England when Lord Stamford delighted scene in which a bulldog to death tortured bull. He organized entertainment arena where bullfights are held and where the bull was the victim.

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Later they organized such venues across England, but the dogs began to fight other dogs. However, in 1835 bullfighting became illegal, but the bulldog as a breed began dying. Fortunately, a man named Bill George continued breeding of this species, and in 1875 appeared a specialized club bulldog. Over time incurred other such clubs.

Bulldog - history


Bulldog is a broad breed and looks very interesting. It has a strong body and big head. It has a large amount of power and is quite heavy relative to their size. It has determined walk and is quite active.

Male size: 12-16 inch       Female size: 12-15 inch

Male weight: 50-55 lb       Female weight: 48-50 lb

HEAD: strong, broad, square shape, rounded cheeks,

EYES: set on low, away from the ears, wide, round, medium size, dark

EARS: set on high, far away from the eyes, small and thin

MUZZLE: short, broad

JAWS: broad, square in shape, properly staggered teeth, spaced, solid

NECK: medium length, thick, strong and firmly planted

LEGS: strong, muscular, rear longer than the front, rounded joints

PAWS: right, facing outward, medium size, medium oval

TAIL: set high, starts straight, then curl down, round, flat

COAT: thin, short, thick and straight

COLOR: monochrome or with black muzzle or mask, red, fawn, pale fawn etc.

Bulldog - appearance


Bulldog is a lively, bold, loyal, brave and also gentle dog. Today’s bulldog is particularly quiet, quiet and docile dog. May at any time, if necessary, to exert great force. But do not show any need to use it. It has a high level of patience, which means it is an excellent partner to play with children. During movement shows the determination and strength. A cheerful and likable companion or his master cannot follow in long walks.

Bulldog - character


These dogs love kids and as such are ideal dogs for a house or apartment. Very difficult tolerate the heat and bite of an insect that can cause respiratory problems. They do not tolerate wet weather and excessive physical activity. Requires a quiet part of the house where they will have their own well-being and a place to sleep. The only problem, which could also be a big problem, are bits that are thick, wide and very lowered.

Bulldog - adaptation


Do not think that it’s healthy for your bulldog to run in the meadows and parks and enjoys long walks. This is exactly what this breed does not like. Dislikes swimming because most Bulldogs cannot swim. They have difficulty in breathing, which is prone to snoring and drooling. Care about the coat is minimal, but many folds on the face should be cleaned regularly.

Bulldog - health

Of the common health problems, there is coronary artery disease, compounded nose, shoulder dislocation and internalized tail. As for the problems, there are rarer entropy, elbow dysplasia, cherry eye, knee sprain etc. should be checked regularly hips, elbows, and eyes.

Bulldog is prone to dermatitis, skin folds, which can be prevented by regular maintenance of hygiene.

The lifespan of the breed bulldog is 8-10 years.

Bulldog - health 1

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