Powerful dog with a great reputation and a rich history is certainly Boxer. Enough is known and adored by many dog lovers.


Boxer is a descendant of martial dogs. There was a mixing of light and movable dogs, such as, for example, a greyhound. With such proceedings in Germany arose band called Bullenbeisser, who is considered the founder of the breed Boxer. It was used during the hunt, to keep prey caught in the teeth until the hunter arrives. It has a wide jaw and is therefore eligible for this job.

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The current Boxer was officially established at the end of the nineteenth century. It was first shown in 1895 in Munich. The German army has used it in the First World War until it was officially recognized in 1925 year. Today it is very famous all over the world.

Boxer - history


Boxer is a dog of medium size. Enough is robust, has square body and solid, strong bones. Physique is strongly developed and expressed. The movements are lively, showing the strength and fortitude.

Males size is in the range of 22 inches to 25 inches, while the size of the females is in the range of 20 inches to 23 inches.

The male weight is in the range from 59 lb to 70 lb, and the weight of females ranging from 52 lb to 63 lb.

HEAD: in good proportion to the body, harmonious proportions, without wrinkles.

TEETH: exceeds the upper jaw, teeth strong, incisors in a straight line, canines far away.

NOSE: broad, black, wide nostrils.

EYES: dark eyes, intelligent, edge of the eyelids dark.

EARS: set high, cropped at the top, proportionate length, carried erect, not too broad.

NECK: long, round, strong and muscular.

FRONT LEGS: straight, parallel to each other.

CLUTCHES: small, round, closed, thick pads.

REAR LEGS: well muscled, straight.

TAIL: Set high, docked short and carried erect.

SKIN: dry, elastic without any wrinkles.

COAT: short, hard, glossy and close fitting to the body.

COLOR: yellow or brindle, different tones, from light to dark, black mask.

Boxer - appearance


Boxer has a very stable psyche. A lot of patience, self-conscious and is balanced. Nature is very important, but the Boxer needs a lot of careful nurturing. Known for its devotion and loyalty to his master. Always on the alert, vigilant, fearless and ready to defend their own. As a true protector has been known since its inception.

Boxer - character 1

According to the family in which he lives is harmless, but on the other hand is very suspicious of strangers. It is always friendly and has a cheerful nature. It’s always in the mood to play, but in dangerous situations is always first. The training is quite easy, since Boxer has a high level of obedience, readiness and determination. Character is very good, with no hidden agendas and treachery.

Boxer - character


Boxer can really be a true member of the family. As a guard dog or a loyal companion in the game and fun. Still has the energy to run, so it will escort you in sporting activities. Cleanliness and tidiness make it suitable for a stay in the house or apartment. When you spend time with this dog, you will see how it can be valuable.

With children is attentive and very tolerant. Needs early socialization. The best would be exposure to people, animals, different sounds and experiences. In this way, Boxer puppy will grow into a well-balanced and a friendly dog. Needs daily mental and physical activity. However, if you have no yard, will be sufficient walk on a leash. Do not like warm climatic conditions. They are not destined to live outside. Best would be a combination of house and yard.

                              BOXER SEEN BY CHILDREN

Boxer - adaptation


Boxer is not as problematic to maintain. The coat requires occasional combing to remove dead hair. Of the common health problems occur cardiomyopathy, subvalvular aortic stenosis, coronary artery disease, hip dysplasia etc. Of rarer disease can appear torsion, gastric tumors, corneal erosion and colitis.

Boxer - health (puppies)

Veterinarians suggest periodic check of the heart and hips.

The lifespan of the breed Boxer is 8 to 10 years.

Boxer - health

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