Small, charming and very pleasant to society. Each owner, with no problem will fall in love with a Beagle. It has a gentle nature and the kids love it.


Beagle is a very old breed of dog. He appeared in the fifteenth century in the UK. He was a very popular race in the castles, because they are used for hunting. French hunters begin mass to acquire, in the second half of the nineteenth century. He soon became the most wanted dog, for hunting rabbits. In America, for the first time appeared in 164 years, in the civil war.

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It is believed to have originated as a mixture of old English hound and Harrier.

Beagle name comes from the French word “Beigh” meaning “open throat”. Because has a loud barking, which draws attention.

Name Beagle starts to be used around the year 1495, and only frequent use can be noticed in the sixteenth century.



Beagle is a very powerful dog, with compact structure. It is very muscular, but still looks soft and harmonious.

It can reach a weight of 18 to 30 pounds and a height of 13 to 15 inches. The head is of medium size, strong but gentle. The skull is quite rounded, tight with less prominent occipital bone.

The nose is straight, black color, while sometimes can be bright.

The eyes are dark brown in color, they are quite large and distant from one another. Bordered in black, but so gentle that it is formidable.

Ears are rounded and long, are set low and are thin. Lightly thrown forward and usually have to touch his cheek.

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Bite is correct and scissor. The upper teeth properly sit on the lower teeth. The neck is arched with a sufficient length, so with no problem sniffs the trail in the hunt.

The front legs are straight and properly positioned below the chest. They are very solid and stable.

Beagle has a flat, firm back while the thighs are very muscular.

The tail is of medium length, set high and has a good strength.

Beagle has a dense, hard hair white with brown and beige stripes. The hair is short and resistant to all weather conditions.

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BEAGLE: Info, Character, Bahavior

Beagle has a very mild nature. It is always friendly. Equally friendly with people and with other dogs. It is very intelligent and always friendly. However, it is primarily a hunting dog, and then the pet that serves for pampering. Children are a true friends, ready to socialize and play. Not aggressive on arrival guests, but with a slight barking sometimes announce one’s arrival.

Ready to learn tricks, but there is an innate desire for discipline as service dogs. During dressage often known to wander off.

On the other hand hunting abilities are remarkable. Abilities pointers, on the ground immediately emerge to the forefront. Tracking performs like no other.

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Enough is temperamental, but it needs certain activities during the day. It is recommended that from an early age teaches respond, because when monitoring trace can wander for a few hours. On that occasion, the right command invocation will wake him.

During the education, Beagle needs a sufficient dose of rigor and consistency. But with the rewards in the form of cookies, the owner can achieve a lot.

The lifespan of race Beagle is from 12 to 15 years.

                            BEAGLE SEEN BY CHILDREN

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Beagle can be a real house dog, but without problems can to stay in the yard with adequate equipment. Night cold does not represent a larger problem.

Families with more members and crowded, it will not pose a problem, because it is quite calm. It’s always in the mood for frequent walks on a leash or without. The behavior is the same. With children goes well, even with the smallest one.

He can always make you laugh and cheer. Therefore, it is a very popular race among families.

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Beagle is not known for certain specific health problems and diseases. Most are healthy and resilient, but some can get hip dysplasia and hypothyroidism.

It may be noted that they are quite voracious, and therefore easy to become obese. However, if you have some doubts on this subject, each veterinarian will be happy to answer questions. Or read some literature about the health of dogs.

Beagle dogs belongs to a lesser race, and therefore a smaller meal is enough. An adult dog should not be fed several times a day, because excess weight can be a problem for him. Special in hunting.

It is recommended that 1.5 cup of dry food a day, distributed in two parts. Very cleverly, unnoticed comes to food that it is within the muzzle. Therefore, open your eyes if you have in your house Beagle.

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