From the family of greyhounds there is one very interesting dog with a more interesting name. Many will love Azawakh. Read why.


Azawakh is an African greyhound. Comes from Nigerian middle basin, in the valley Azawakh. For hundreds of years followed the movement of nomads from the southern Sahara. As such it is considered to be members of each family who had it. Especially because he was acting maximum protective.

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In addition to being protected by the tribe, is an excellent hunter of gazelles, because he has speed. Therefore, the importance of this dog was enormous. They were also useful in hunting rabbits, antelope and wild pigs. This secured the meat on the table for the family. In France Azawakh appeared in 1970. The breed was standardized in 1982, while in America began appearing in 1980. Fans are hoping that one day achieve the same popularity as other breeds of this group.

Azawakh - history

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Azawakh is very graceful pas. This robust dog is extremely muscular and agile. The appearance of the body, it can be said that it is Royal. He’s tall, elegant, gives the impression of nobility. Visible are the outlines of bones and muscles. The body is in the form of vertical rectangles.

Size of males is from 25 to 29 inches, while the size of females is from 23 to 27 inches.

The weight of the male is from 44 to 55 lb, while the weight of females is from 33 to 44 lb.

HEAD: long, thin, narrow.

NOSE: well open nostrils, black or brown.

MUZZLE: long, straight, tapering towards the front.

TEETH: scissor bite.

EYES: almond-shaped, large, dark-colored.

EARS: set on high, thin, open, flat, with a broad base, triangular in shape.

NECK: well set, long, thin, muscular, slightly curved.

TAIL: set low, long, thin, white at the top, relaxed with a slightly curved tip.

FRONT LEGS: long, thin, set straight.

REAR LEGS: long, straight.

PAWS: rounded, pigmented pads.

SKIN: thin, close fitting to the whole body.

COLOR: allowed all shades, the head possible black, white patch on the chest, all the legs have white boots.

Azawakh - appearance

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Azawakh is a heavy lively and alert dog. It has exceptional strength, speed and a high degree of durability. What is truly expressed, the hunting instincts. It is an excellent guard, and as such quite distrustful of strangers.

Azawakh - character 1

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According to the owner is gentle and loyal to the end. Yet despite everything is quite independent. With adequate training, it fits perfectly into life with his family. As for dressage is not particularly difficult to work with these dogs. He goes best with calm people, not too temperamental. With such work, responds to requests and commands.

Azawakh - character

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Azawakh is a very active dog. Therefore requires a lot of active owners. Someone who likes to spend time walking and outdoor activities. He enjoys outdoor activities such as running, hunting or even swimming.

Because of this, he needs a lot of space to move around. A longer stay in the apartment may adversely affect the behavior of the dog. The ideal would be to live in a house with a large garden and possibly a swimming pool. Able to sleep outside in warm climates, but the best would be to spend the night with his family in a warm place.


Azawakh - adaptation


Azawakh has a short, smooth and silky hair. Therefore, maintenance is not difficult. It is necessary to occasionally brush, to remove some dirt and dead hair. There is no need frequent baths. What is very important is to maintain the ears and paw pads.

Azawakh - health (puppies)

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Of common diseases occurring problems with the joints and bones. Epilepsie of rarer, breaking limbs and dislocation of the knee. Occasionally it is advisable to check your hips and eyes.

The lifespan of the breed Azawakh is from 10 to 12 years.

Azawakh - health

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