Australian Terrier is the smallest terrier, but with a big heart and always lively spirit. It is ideal for the society and persons of action.


Australian Terrier originates in Australia. First appeared in the region of Tasmania, mixing several European species breed. These are for example the Scottish and Yorkshire Terrier, the Manchester Terrier, etc. The official appearance was adopted in 1899, when its first appearance in Sydney.

Among other ancestors must specify: Dandy Dinmont Terrier, silky Terrier, Irish Terrier and Scottish Terrier.

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In Tasmania is used to catch pests, such as snakes and control animals. However shrill barking always announce intruders nearby. So that in some way can be classified as guards.

The first specimen of the breed, is explained as a dog with a black and blue coat, and then gets the title of “toy”, “blue terrier”, while at the end of XX century named “Terrier coarse hair.” He began to show at exhibitions in the UK to appear in America in 1925. AKC recognition received in 1960.

Australian Terrier - history

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Australian Terrier is a sturdy, small dog with short legs. It has a long, strong body in relation to the height at the withers. The sturdy and stable during physical activity. Agile and highly combative, as befits a terrier.

The height of the male is from 9 to 11 inches, while the height of females is from 8 to 10 inches.

Weight of Australian Terrier breed ranges from 6.5 to 13 lb.

HEAD: long, straight, medium width, filled between the eyes.

MUZZLE: strong, powerful, same length as the skull.

NOSE: black, medium size.

EYES: small, oval, penetrating expression, dark brown, wide apart.

EARS: small, carried erect, pointed, delicate, movable.

TEETH: large teeth, correctly deployed, scissor bite.

NECK: good length, slightly arched, powerful.

PAWS: small, round, compact.

TAIL: docked, set high.

HAIR: sharp, dense under hair, soft.

COLOR: blue, steel blue, dark gray-blue, satin label, a blue stripe on its head.

Australian Terrier - appearance

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Australian Terrier is loyal and brave animal. Therefore it is very popular with dog lovers. Due to a very cheerful nature is great for socializing, and playing any kind of action. Energy remains, courage too, but on the other hand it is very curious expressed, however, will not be afraid of anything.

Australian Terrier - character 1

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He loves to bark and has a highly developed sense of hearing. This means that a stranger can not miss him. This is a lively dog, is not easy for dressing. Therefore, the owner or trainer must be rigorous and consistent. Australian Terrier learns really fast, they want to cooperate, but he likes to follow his ideas. Especially if he’s bored.

Australian Terrier - character

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Australian Terrier is a very active dog that requires daily physical activity. Exercise can be in the form of walks, games or running. He was raised in difficult circumstances, to be able to withstand the harsh Australian temperature and living conditions.

Not accustomed to being alone, so it is advisable that the time carried out within their families. It goes well with children and is a true companion for the game. However in ecstasy can be a bit rough, when express his temperament.

Ideal midfield would be a warm and gentle home with a yard where they will play. It can live outdoors in temperate to warm climates. However, it is best that spends the night with his family, where, because of the size, you will not even notice.


Australian Terrier - adaptation


Australian Terrier has curly hair, it is necessary to brush once during the week. Special to remove dead hair and held a sheen of fur. As far as cutting, it is enough to be done twice a year. To the dog looked perfectly and was always well-groomed and neat, you need a haircut in the paw area.

Australian Terrier - health (puppies)

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In Australian Terrier does not stand out any medical problem larger or smaller scale. Sometimes it can occur leg Peterson disease, diabetes and knee sprain. But nothing alarming. Regular inspection by a veterinarian is definitely recommended, as in other breeds.

The lifespan of the breed Australian Terrier is from 12 to 14 years.

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