Sheepdogs are very capable, brave and agile. Precisely such as an Australian Shepherd. With cheerful colors and beautifully manicured coat.


Australian Shepherd dog is not really Australian dog. Was brought to Australia from America. It is considered a relative to Kelpie dog. Basques have migrated from Australia to the western part of America and with them took their dogs and sheep. Name received, only for reasons of where they came from. Western American courts, demanded crossing different breeds, how to best obtain from keeping sheep. Basque dog is best adapted to all conditions.

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Many of these dogs can be found in the pedigrees of today’s Australian Shepherd. The first Australian Shepherd is registered in the register of breeding sheep called the National Stock Dog Registry. Australian Shepherd Club was founded in 1957, while in the 1993 Australian Shepherd received official recognition from the AKC association. Popularity is not great, but a lot of dogs are not registered. However the breed spread throughout the world.

Australian Shepherd - history


Australian Shepherd is a dog of medium size, slightly longer in relation to the height. Nimble and agile, sturdy and muscular. It is very handy and resourceful. Well balanced dog. Solidly built with moderate bone without harshness.

Males size is in the range of 20 – 23 inches, while the size of the females in the range of 18 – 21 inches.

The male weight is in the range of 50 – 65 pounds, while the weight of the females in the range of 40 – 55 pounds.

HEAD: sharp edges, strong, proportionate body.

NOSE: blue, gray and black dogs have black pigmentation, while the red and colored dogs have brown pigmentation.

MUZZLE: the slightly greater length than the back of the skull, tapering at the base of the nose.

EYES: brown, blue, amber or some combination of these colors, almond-shaped, not prominent.

EARS: triangular, of moderate size, set high on the head.

NECK: strong, of moderate length, slightly arched at the withers.

TAIL: straight, naturally long or naturally short.

LEGS: long, straight, strong bone, oval.

COAT: medium structure, straight or slightly wavy, weather resistant and of medium length.

COLOR: gray-blue, black, reddish colored, black without white markings, copper red.

Australian Shepherd - appearance


Australian Shepherd is a very intelligent dog. It has highly developed instinct for herding flocks and protection. Loyal companion and with no problem can withstand all-day physical effort. It has a quiet and mild nature and very rarely gets into fights with other dogs. It can be quite shy and reserved at first encounter with strangers.

Australian Shepherd - character 1

Proved to be very flexible, as with the sheep and also with the oxen. It leads the flock to the sector dropping special sounds. Something in between barking and yelling. It has a very balanced character, very cuddly.

Australian Shepherd - character


Australian Shepherd is a loyal friend and a faithful guardian. He loves the daily physical activity. It can be run, walk on a leash or any game. It would therefore be desirable to live in a house with a yard. If you do not have a garden then make long walks should be required during the day. Excursions, running through the woods and the park will certainly delight your pet.

It is not suitable for living in an apartment, because it is very active and needs a space. Requires a lot of training, in order to stay in the psycho-physical condition.


Australian Shepherd - adaptation


Australian Shepherd is a dog that is easily maintained. Just occasionally brushing. Regarding shedding, belongs to a group of dogs that are average shedding.

Health is very complicated. Dogs that are carrying the bluish gray color with black patches worn factor of blindness and deafness. So if you decide for Australian Shepherd dog, check his hearing and eyesight. Then may appear coronary artery disease, nasal solar dermatitis, Pelger-Huet syndrome etc. From the few problems, Australian Shepherd can become ill from Lumbosacral syndrome, epilepsy, atrophy of the cornea, etc.

Australian Shepherd - health (puppies)

What we particularly note is the sensitivity of the breed Australian Shepherd on Ivermectin, the medicament which is used for heart worms. But the dose to be injected should be safe. However, we should be on guard.

The lifespan of the breed Australian Shepherd is 12 to 15 years.

Australian Shepherd - health

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