Anatolian Shepherd is a huge dog, with intimidating look. It is very good keeper but it may be a good pet. It is a true giant.


Anatolian Shepherd is an ancient breed, with a long history guards. Rooted from the Tibetan mastiff and Roman molos, who came to Turkey for more than 4000 years. They were invaluable to the guardians of livestock from all predators. They are were always accompany to people and became widely dispersed. Therefore, the varied size and color of coat.

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First they get the name the Shepherd Dog instead of the current name Anatolian Shepherd. In the United States came in the fifties, where still were used as a livestock guardian dogs. Only in the seventies and eighties was accepted a little wider, primarily because of its unique appearance. It is recognized by the AKC in 1996 only, as an effective watchdog.

Anatolian Shepherd - history


Anatolian Shepherd is a strong, upright and full of power. It is a big dog, durable and moves quickly. One of the biggest dogs in the world.

Weight of males ranges from 110 lb to 143 lb, while the weight of females ranges from 88 lb to 121 lb.

Size of males ranging from 29 inches to 81 inches, while the size of females ranges from 28 inches to 31 inches.

HEAD: large, in proportion to the body.

NOSE: brown or black.

MUZZLE: strong, perfectly correct scissor bite.

EYES: small, deep, set well apart, dark or brown in color.

NECK: in a gentle curve, strong, muscular, medium length.

TAIL: long, set on high, in the excitement worn high over the back arched.

FRONT LEGS: away from each other, good length, straight, strong.

REAR LEGS: strong, straight and parallel.

PAWS: powerful, with rounded toes, short nails.

COAT: short or semi-long, dense with thick under hair, long on the neck and shoulders.

COLOR: all colors are permitted.

Anatolian Shepherd - appearance


Anatolian Shepherd is balanced and fearless dog. Is an independent, intelligent and without any aggressiveness. He is very proud and worthy of maximum confidence. Devoted to his master and loyal to the end. But with strangers is quite suspicious, as it has developed protective instinct. It is excellent as a guardian of the estate.

Anatolian Shepherd - character 1

Because of strong temperament and strong will, he needs an experienced owner who knows how to keep dressage under control. Otherwise, the Anatolian Shepherd easily take control of the situation. Training should begin early, while the dog is small. Later it difficult to correct mistakes. With other animals will get along well, only if performed early socialization.

Anatolian Shepherd - character


Anatolian Shepherd, as we mentioned, is the watchdog. So if this dog is your pet, should be in an enclosed area or tied. For his strong instinct for defense can sometimes attack domestic visitors.

It is very smart and are easily adapted to family life. No matter the size, is not slow and perfect works in the game. Needs a lot of movement, so it is not advisable to live in an apartment. The best would be a house with a spacious yard where it all day can move freely. If that is not possible, be prepared for long walks. The only problem may be, how do you keep it on a leash if he start to run. Can be adapted to hot and dry summers, but also in the long and cold winter.


Anatolian Shepherd - adaptation


Anatolian Shepherd primarily must meet a daily dose of physical activity in order to stay physically and mentally good. Care about coat is minimal. This means brushing once a week to remove dead hair.

Anatolian Shepherd - health (puppies)

From major health problem, there is coronary artery disease, while less frequent entropy. It is recommended that periodic inspection of the hips and eyes.

It should be noted that this dog is extremely sensitive to anesthesia.

The lifespan of the breed Anatolian Shepherd is 10-13 years.

Anatolian Shepherd - health

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