If you need a good hunting dog, select American English Coonhound. Hardworking and noisy, but just as it should be. You will be certainly satisfied.


The original purpose of the breed American English Coonhound, was hunting in the XVIII century. The dog was brought to America as a mixture of French and Irish breeds. It was first registered by UKC organization under the group English Fox & Coonhound in 1905 years. At that time they used to hunt foxes. At one time there were several different types of these dogs. These were Red bones and Black and Tans.

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With the end of World War II were combined into one. At the year 2010 the American English Coonhound officially was recognized by the AKC as an equal member of the organization. The word American was added to the name in order not to have mixed breeds that are truly made in England. Today is a very popular hunting dog in America. But at the same time is quite unknown in Europe or on other continents.

American English Coonhound - history


American English Coonhound is fairly strong and hardy dog. It represents the right balance of power and speed. The body is well-proportioned, elegant and represents a real athlete.

Weight is in the range of 40 to 75 pounds.

Males size is in range from 24 to 26 inches, while females reach a size from 23 to 25 inches.

HEAD: broad, moderate length, working gently.

EYES: dark brown in color, well separated.

EARS: suspended, the length can reach the top of the nose, soft to the touch.

MUZZLE: the square shape, well in proportion to the skull.

NECK: muscular, medium length.

BITE: scissor.

TAIL: high set, carried gaily, medium length.

COAT: hard, represents protection from the cold and moisture.

LEGS: strong, providing freedom of movement, muscular.

COLOR: red with white traces, blue with the white traces, three shades of color, black and white variant. Very rare with only one color.

American English Coonhound - appearance


American English Coonhound is a very active dog, always ready to run and action. Is able to participate actively in the hunt for several hours during the day. But if it is necessary and all night. It is an ideal partner for jogging or cycling. They need a daily dose of physical activity to keep in shape, which is very important for this breed. It makes them happy.

American English Coonhound - character 1

They need a consistent coach, but at the same time gentle. When dressage requires a lot of time and patience. They are not totally focused on learning exercises because every movement from the side distracts. Start training is recommended at an earlier age. They love kids and always will be a great buddy to play. But because of constant physical activity can unintentionally bring down small child. Therefore, be careful. Fits well with other animals as well as with other dogs.

American English Coonhound - character


American English Coonhound is a dog that does not like to be alone for a long time. This suggests that it is very sociable and interpreted. Fits into family life. But it would be desirable for you to have a yard, where they will be able to run and moves most of the day.

If you have a tree in the yard, do not be surprised if one day your dog is on a tree. It has excellent climbing ability. And if you live out of town and city noise, then the situation is ideal. Both for you and your dog. Can live in a house or apartment, but with performing physical activities during the day. Can serve as a guard, but the job will not done very well because it’s still friendly with strangers.


American English Coonhound - adaptation


American English Coonhound requires minimal maintenance. At least as far as the coat. Combing is recommended after hunting, in order to identify certain injuries or scratches. Especially if he went into the water.

American English Coonhound - health (puppies)

American English Coonhound possesses strong long nails, which must be regularly maintained. Such is the case with the ears and teeth in order not to let the infection occurred. The dog needs adequate nutrition. It is best to consult a veterinarian. At any moment, needs fresh and clean drinking water.

Since disease only occurs hip dysplasia, infection ears, polyradiculoneuropathy and progressive retinal atrophy.

The lifespan of the breed American English Coonhound is from 11 to 12 years.

American English Coonhound - health

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