Afghan Hound is a very beautiful breed. Wherever it appears people are turning and looking in admiration. Different color, with lots of glamor and bravado.


Afghan Hound is a breed that dates back to the Egyptian pharaohs. It originated by mixing of several types of middle eastern greyhounds.

For the development were responsible nomadic tribes, because they were used to hunt rabbits and gazelles. Bred for hunting in sharp Afghan terrain.

Afghan Hound - history

In England, for the first time appear in the XX century. Until then, these dogs were called Persian greyhounds. The first specimens arrived in the United Kingdom in 1890. In India, the English army was used as the delivery of the mail or as a dog for storing mail. The French very appreciate this dog as a luxury companion.

Were made on the model of an impressive dog named Zardin. Has gained popularity so quickly that it has become one of the most glamorous and most competitive show dog.

In the seventies has become a sign of prestige and high-society groups.



Afghan Hound has a lofty posture and powerful and subtle silhouette. At first glance gives the impression of speed and strength. It moves gently and elegant, which is the special characteristic of this breed. The head is always proudly carried high.

The average height of the male is 27 to 29 inches, while the average female height is about 25 inches.

The average weight of males is 57 lbs to 75 lbs, while the average weight of females is about 50 lbs.

HEAD: long, the correct proportional, covered with long tuft.

EYES: dark-colored, triangular relative.

EARS: low and far back set, covered with hair.

MUZZLE: strong jaw with a proper bite.

NECK: long, strong, proudly wearing the head.

BODY: straight back, well muscled, moderately arched ribs and good depth of chest.

CLUTCHES: front are strong and very large, covered with long hairs, fingers curved. Rear are long, less wide, covered with long hair.

TAIL: long, set on low, curved at the end like a ring. In the movement raised high, covered with a thin coat.

FUR: a very fine texture, silky, must develop naturally.

COLOR: all colors are allowed.

Afghan Hound - appearance


Afghan Hound is a very intelligent dog, mild-mannered and very sensitive. It is very possessive of its owner. It loves to spend time with children, but with the strangers is quite reserved.

Max is loyal to the family in which it lives, enjoying every moment spent among their loved ones. Considers himself a full member of the family and does not tolerate being subjugated.

Afghan Hound - character 1

Can serve as an excellent watcher or hunter. Its main feature is the speed, so it is often used as a racing dogs.

If you behave inappropriately in relation to Afghan Hound, knows how to be even more harsh. It is very sensitive, generous and brave. Each good, knows to return with good. If it is compromised personal space, and you’re not a family, show a sufficient dose of severity. Afghan Hound is a dog who chooses the company and friends. Because of its arbitrariness is not easy for dressing. Can often ignore when someone calls it.

Afghan Hound - character


Afghan Hound is a dog that needs a large space for this movement. Requires a great deal of daily activities. Even though it is a long walk. However, during these walks is necessary occasional sprint. The ideal situation would be fenced and safe space for smooth running.

Although it likes space, it is ideal house dog because it like areas with moderate climate and loves comfortable bed. This fully corresponds to the home dog.

It is desirable that the house has an enclosed yard so he could freely run. Hunting instincts are quite pronounced, so if you go with the dog for a walk, the leash is necessary, otherwise it will run for every animal.

When it is at home, prefers lying down, or if they become bored can hurt furniture. Always remember that the most dangerous Afghan Hound, the one who is bored or one that is insulted.


Afghan Hound - adaptation


Afghan Hound primarily has hair that requires specific care. Especially with cubs that are constantly shed. Requires brushing and combing every two days. This is generally a healthy breed, without hereditary diseases. Of rarer disease appears cataract and coronary artery disease. Are sensitive to anesthesia and the nails are prone to injuries.

Afghan Hound - health (puppies)

Occasionally the eye test is recommended.

The lifespan of the breed Afghan Hound is around 14 years.

 Afghan Hound - health

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